Vlogging Workshop: Babysitter Confessions

Welcome to this week’s pretty much world famous Vlogging Workshop powered by MomPulse! Today’s prompts are:

1.) How do you handle your money month to month? Give suggestions on how to get yourself on track. (inspired by Teanna from TeaandTimW707)
2.) A day in the snow (you might need to dust off last years snow footage for this one)!
3.) Congratulations, you’ve got a book deal! Tell us what you would write about.
4.) Your worst babysitting job…what happened?
5.) Winter Fashion! Share your current favorite Winter wear.

Choose one, create a video, and link up!

Today I’ve got some babysitter confessions I need to come clean with. As a teen, babysitting was my gig and many parents were under the misconception that I was a squeaky clean school girl they had hired. Don’t get me wrong, I was a good kid…I played my part and took care of their kids, but I wasn’t necessarily a rule follower. Here’s what really happened:

(video here)

I’m featuring Jessi from Mama’s Got Flair. Last week Jessi responded to the prompt asking to share a time you were tricked. Take a look at the five life lessons she learned after some pretty major tricks…starting with the McRib:

(video here)

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Now it’s your turn!

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Get a jump start on next week’s video! Here are the prompts for the Wednesday 1/16 Link up:

1.) Review Anything! Your kids toy, makeup, a local restaurant, a current trend, book, movie…ANYTHING. Review it.
2.) Share your tips to enjoying a big football game the right way!
3.) Tell us how you came up with your kids names.
4.) Make something in your kitchen!
5.) A celebrity you would like to meet.


    • says

      People are nerrrrvous about video, so I won’t be surprised if it’s a slow growing process. I’m really enjoying getting to know the people who are jumping in though! It’s been easy for me to flip through all the videos fairly quickly!

  1. says

    Well… I guess I used the wrong prompt this week. Uh-oh

    Did anyone ever ask you about the pizza boxes? I can just imagine them standing in the yard all puzzled about the pile of pizza boxes stuffed in the bushes.

    • says

      No worries. Nobody did that prompt from last week so it was fun to watch!

      No one ever asked about the pizza boxes. I thought I had come up with the perfect solution. :)

  2. says

    Once again I didn’t get a video done — I started one yesterday and realized I was stammering way too much. But you are too funny Kat. And re Mama’s Got Flair – the MeRib floated through my mind the other day. I’ve never had one but like you said, it always seems to resurface. A random thought crossed my mind that I hadn’t seen the MeRib in about a decade or so. Bizarre.

  3. says

    For some reason, I cannot comment on your vlog MamaKat. So, here is what I was going to say:

    Dang, that is where I should have hid the boxes. LOL I just stuffed them down the toilet!

    ok, not really. Check out MY experience. sigh….

    By the way, for me, it was TOTALLY Christopher Cross!

    ~Naila Moon

  4. says

    Dear it’s a very interesting idea! By sharing our own experiences to other moms, we could help them save some time and do other important things. I’ve gotta save your clips and share it to my friends! Kudos to you Mama Kat! :)