Date A Younger Man

My husband is 11 years older than me and we started dating when I was 19. The age difference never mattered to me, but I remember feeling annoyed with him when he would tell people I was older than I was. I didn’t understand why he would feel embarrassed to date a younger (incredibly attractive) lady when really he should have felt…I don’t know…flattered? Lucky? Blessed?

It wasn’t until I turned 30 that I was able to put myself in his shoes, “My God, however did you put up with me? I was such a child!” And of course he protects his choice, “You were young, but you were mature…you didn’t act like most 19 year olds…”

And then I was all, “I just can’t imagine dating a guy so young! Regardless of how mature they were, there are just so many life experiences they haven’t had yet…a certain naivete.”

And he was all, “Yep…but you were worth it…”

And I was all, “I’m glad you feel that way, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t date a younger man. I much prefer the older, more refined gentleman…”

And he was all puffing up his chest and I was all, “Maybe someday I’ll find him…”

However, there is one exception to my “no dating young men” rule. I’ve got this guy on my top 5 card:

(video here)


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    Dating a younger guy gets all this attention because it’s breaking a social norm. Men have had the freedom of dating younger women for ages and get high fives. I’ve dated younger and older men and I can’t wait for the cougar thing to disappear, it sounds lecherous . Older men might seem more protective and together but some (a lot) lack the development and comfort that has come along as women have become more equals in relationships. Younger men get this more naturally. Through information proliferation, many younger men also are more mature at their ages than their older counterparts. Not all, but those are the ones to have a relationship with for reasons others than just the bedroom. All in all, I agree, age doesn’t matter. :)

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    I’m with you – younger guys are generally immature. My husband is four years older and I think we even out just right.

    And I don’t think all older women who date younger guys are cougars. It’s the ones who go to clubs dressed in short, tight clothes and who brag about how they’ll only sleep with kids in their early 20’s who are the stereotype.

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    Well, I cougared last year and it was nice. He’s the one who initiated it all and I was tweaking because of the age difference when he couldn’t have cared less. He was a great guy, but not ready to be committed. Meh.Now I’m dating a guy who is just about a year younger than me, but at our age, we’re pretty much in the same place in life. It’s good and wonderful to say the least!

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    My fiance is 10 years younger than me – and it’s difficult at times… I have a 13 year old son – so to get teenage and a 20-something boys together… they regress to 12 years old….
    Farts are funnier than anything, so is scaring the literal crap out of the cat…
    (yes, that DID happen… they scared the kitten so bad she literally jumped and left poo pellets.)

    Men and boys, when put together, are perpetually 12 years old… ahh, fun…

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