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    Two days ago my husband went to take out the trash. I heard the top go up, muffled words that I think included bitch, then a bunch of movement. Yeah. Coon in the trash showed itself as he went to put in the bag. Poor man screamed and ran, knocked over a lawn light and tore his jeans. The trash has been put out in the mornings since. (And I secretly still have a Polaroid too. I bought up all the film from CVS when they stopped selling it, much to the ire of the old lady in line behind me (BACK UP; I FIGHT OLD LADIES!))

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      One time Pat found an opossum in our garage and squealed like a little girl too. I should film his dramatic reenactment of that animals face. Could you even IMAGINE opening your garbage can to find one of those things in there. They’re so dangerous!