First World Problems

We all complain about silly things sometimes. Someone let the cat in, but it’s an outdoor cat…someone let the cat out, but it’s an indoor cat. You accidentally bought nonfat ice cream. The Miss America pageant is on instead of your favorite show. They’re first world problems and we all have them. I guarantee you will be able to relate to at least one of the first world problems depicted in the following hilarious videos:

(video here)

(video here)

And this is an entertaining breakdown of how the first world problems phrase began:

(video here)

Do share, what was your most recent “first world problem”?


  1. says

    My computer doesn’t save my login info. #firstworldproblem

    I hate grocery shopping.

    I am running out of space in my 2000 sq ft home now that we have a 2nd kid.

    I hate having to clean said home. Can we hire someone?

    Cooking is a pain in the rear.

    I could go on & on & on…..I have a lot of them! Ha!

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    There’s this little gap between the front door and the door frame that’s letting in cold air!

    I can’t record more than 2 shows AND watch another at the same time!

    The Seahawks season ended!