Harmless Flirting

This week on SheKnows Mommalogues I talked about why I think harmless flirting is truly harmless. It’s the first time the bubble words “dirty girl” and “that pig!” popped up on me. I feel like I can retire now. Take a look at my interpretation of what harmless flirting looks like:

It’s funny though, I do feel like I see MORE flirting among my married girlfriends than I do hanging around my single girlfriends. I think it might be that sense of security we feel when we’re married, obviously we would never act on anything right? RIGHT!?!?!

Regardless of where you stand though, I do think someone needs to tell my girlfriends to cool it. It’s uncomfortable getting hit on by them every time we have a “girls night out”.

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What do you think? Harmless flirting truly harmless?



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    I have a guy friend who I have known since high school . People would swear to see us together that we have been intimate or would be intimate. But nothing could be further from the truth. He and I crack jokes and talk smack and I say things like I would hurt him and he says bring it. We do it with our spouses present who have become used to our way of aggravating one another. For me flirting is as a rule flirting. I would do it even with my spouse there . I think when you can’t do it in front of your spouse it becomes much more.. period.

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    That video was hilarious! I think flirting is harmless if you know that it is harmless on the other side, too. The guys I am friends with know I am happily married so it stays harmless. I’m still cracking up over the video. Your expressions seriously are so funny. Has Ellen called yet or what? She is missing out. :)

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    I am a flirt. Period. With both girls and boys everywhere I go… it’s what I do. lol My husband knows it, sees it…and loves me just as I am. I have always been a people person and quite charming I might add! HA! It’s harmless only when your marriage is impenetrable! And you clearly give that vibe…

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    I see no harm in it whatsoever. I think those of us who are more social and outgoing could be taken as “flirty” and that term can be somewhat a tongue-in-cheek thing to call someone, however, I will say the same things to my GIRL friends as I do my guy ones. I have always wondered why there can’t be the same level of cameraderie amongst men/women as there is amongst the same sex. I am more often not the “agressor” in flirtation because I am afraid of rejection, but if someone wants to flirt with me, it sure makes me feel better about myself, as I feel like a boring 32 year old lady with 3 kids. Anything to make me feel young again! And nope, I would never act on a flirt. I am as clean-cut and moralistic as they come.

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    I think it’s harmless… to a point. There is THAT point though, where all parties know it’s no longer harmless. I think that starts to become texting, personal emails, any type of thing you wouldn’t want your husband or kids to see – that meter.

    So the best thing is – just don’t do it. And don’t condone it either. It’s too easy to cross lines.