Writer’s Workshop: Horse Therapy

4.) Acceptance. (inspired by Headstrong Damsel)

I had always considered horse lessons to be a special luxury that only rich little girls got to do. I imagined them in their jockey gear, living in The Hamptons, walking around with fancy helmets and switches.


When I enrolled my own daughters in lessons it was purely because of a cheap deal on Groupon and my own childhood horse dreams projected onto them. I knew they would love the opportunity see the animals up close, but I did not really intend to make horses a permanent structure in their lives.

I could use a nice brushing too...

However, that plan changed when I saw how my girls lit up before each lesson, how they quickly learned every horses name, and how my typically shy little wallflowers released their inhibitions to sit tall and confident in those saddles.

Maile rides Carl.

I don’t know if it’s because of the horses, but I see self assuredness now where before it was lacking. I had heard of horse therapy before, but I might be watching it happen in them.

She's a happy girl!

And I accept the hole that self assuredness and confidence is putting in my wallet.

Almost literally sometimes…

"No really, come closer...I'm friendly I swear!!"

Worth every penny.

Out to pasture.

Now it’s your turn!

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The Prompts:

1.) Explore. (inspired by Farewell Stranger)
2.) Release. (inspired by Courtney Kirkland)
3.) Trust. (inspired by Queen of Chaos)
4.) Acceptance. (inspired by Headstrong Damsel)
5.) Creativity. (inspired by Crossroads of the Heart)


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    Yay, Groupon, opening the door to little girls’ dreams! I haven’t been very involved in the horse set and my kids never expressed an interest, but the ones I know who are involved DO find it magical — I can see why you feel this way!!

  2. says

    Yes, yes, and YES! My daughter takes riding lessons as well and I agree on all counts! In fact, when she recently compared the possible death of her pony (who is healthy… as a horse) but old, to that of my grandmother, “You know, Mamma, there can never be another Schuyler just like there can never be another Grammy!” Say what!?

  3. says

    So neat to see your kids light up and find something they really love. Really cool.

    Also? I fail reading. Probably shouldn’t check out the prompts until my coffee’s kicked in, because I wrote an entire post about Inspiration. Just now figuring out that wasn’t even an option!

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    I think animals can do amazing things for people. I’ve always been apprehensive around horses, but they do seem like magnificent creatures. I loved your pictures and I loved seeing another glimpse of your love for your family. Great post!

  5. says

    As an animal lover I understand this completely. Animals love us at our worst and our best making us feel loveable, prouder, taller. They are beautiful girls and they look stunning on those horses.

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    It is true that we would do anything in our power to coax out that self-assurance in our children. So, glad you found this. You could do a Groupon ad!

  7. says

    I’ve never ridden a horse but there is something so special and beautiful about them. I once worked with a girl who I connected to equine therapy – it did wonders for her.

  8. says

    I love this. I have only been on a horse once or twice, but there is definitely something therapeutic and beautiful about them!

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    Horseback riding was something the hubby and I did before we had kids. All the time. I always thought it was good for the soul. The kiddies came and I don’t think we have been back since. This makes me want to again. Seeing our kids’ faces light up when they do something they love, worth every penny. Did you take that last picture? It looks professional, like a great painting.

  10. says

    Oh how cool your kiddos have found something to treasure and you have seen the growth within each of them through it! WOW. Worth. Ever. Penny. I get that. I bought a Groupon for my girl which was a cooking class…she STILL talks about it- thinking of the same theory- might be worth. every. penny. to see her light up again and learn an art she loves. Hmm…. ya got me thinking!!

  11. says

    You=BEST MOM EVER!!!

    It is my goal in 10 years to own my own *small* farm & to have my own horse. I’m in love with them!

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    Beautiful! You can’t put a price on increased self-assuredness… but I sure as hell wish Groupon offered deals like that for the stables near where we live. My eldest would adore an opportunity like this too. It must be so lovely to see.

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    What great photos. Horses are big animals. I think if you felt comfortable on/controlling a horse that would translate over to lots of avenues in life. They are beautiful creatures and love seeing your girls’ smiles.

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    As someone who hates horses, I have to say you’ve softened me a little here. Not enough to sign my OWN girls up for lessons and have to come face to face with those beasts, but enough to think of them as slightly less beastly. Anything that boosts a girl’s confidence is at least slightly less beastly in my book! ;)

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    Beautiful images! It’s great you found an activity she enjoys so much…even if it hurts the wallet a lot! :) Sometimes it’s the small things that are worth all the money in the world!

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    It is so great to find something that your child loves. My friend has her daughter in horse lessons with another little girl that was adopted from Russia. When her parents were finally able to bring her home she had some emotional issues, oppositional defiant disorder. The horses have really helped her, and she has come a long way.

  17. says

    Horseback riding has been the best thing for my daughter. I am so glad you are all loving it too. Your pictures are gorgeous too.

    P.S. I’m so mad! I wrote my post last night but forgot to link up this morning!! GRRR!!!

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    cute! i’ve always been nervous around horses, but this is encouraging me to put down those fears and go meet some of those cute guys. glad your girls are finding and enjoying a passion of theirs. xoxo

    also- thanks again for the shout out! ;)

  19. says

    I’ve blogged about how horse therapy has helped women in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. They are powerful animals is so many ways. Sounds like a great investment for the kids!

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    I absolutely love these photos of your daughters and the horses. It stinks that an activity that is so loved by your children and that is providing them with confidence and a sense of development is so expensive; but I’m glad you’re accepting that hole in your wallet! Those horse lessons definitely appear to be worth every penny. Thanks for sharing. ~Xiomara