This One Time…I Thought She Knew

We were a pizza eating family. What started off as Friday’s at Shakey’s eventually morphed into ordering in when we were older. But it didn’t matter. I didn’t care where the pizza eating was happening as long as there was pizza eating happening.

We ordered pepperoni and I would peel each piece off and slurp any remaining cheese or sauce from that spicy slice of meat before piling it in a perfect corner.

My sister enjoyed the pepperoni though and upon seeing my pile one night she was all, “are you gonna eat those?”

I looked at my mangled pile of slurped off pepperoni and was all, “No…you want’em?”

And one by one I watched her savor my partially eaten pepperoni slices.

After her last bite I was all, “You know I licked all those right?”

I believe the emotions I saw register across her face were a mixture of disgust, resentment and maybe just a smidge of hate, though one never can be sure.

“I thought you knewwww!” I giggled.

When my daughters came home after spending an afternoon at her house with their cousins they were all, “MOM, did you LICK all of your pepperoni off your pizza and then give it to Aunty Lolo!?!

The old memory instantly made me smile.

“I thought she knew!!!”

I lied.


  1. says

    Shakey’s was the freaking best ever. Shotgun Sam’s was almost good as. I am glad to be an only child. But now I have to call my cousins and ask a few hard questions.

  2. says

    lmbo did she NOT watch you do your routine of taking them off of the pizza??? She should be grateful you didn’t chew it up and then give it to her, ya know like some celebrity parents that made the news last year..