Vlogging Workshop:Look Like Kim Kardashian

Welcome to this week’s pretty much world famous Vlogging Workshop powered by MomPulse! Today’s prompts are:

1.) Favorite makeup.
2.) 5 TV shows you’re watching.
3.) What do you think about Lance Armstrong’s recent confession to Oprah. Has he redeemed himself? Where do you stand?
4.) What were you like in high school?
5.) What was the last thing you bought?

Choose one, create a video, and link up!

Today I’m showing you how to look like Kim Kardashian with some of my favorite makeup! Let’s face it, I get told I look like her just about everywhere I go. Do I really? No. I just happened to learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to Kardashian beauty and now you can too! Take a look!:

(Video here)

This week I’m featuring Andrea from The Blogging Mama who took us on a tour of what her home looks like when it has the flu! I think a lot of us are familiar with this sight:

(video here)

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Now it’s your turn!

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Get a jump start on next week’s video! Here are the prompts for the Wednesday 02/06 Link up:

1.) Share a favorite blogging or vlogging tip and/or pet peeve.
2.) What do you do for “me time”?
3.) Your top 5! Share which celebrities you would put in your top 5 card if you had a top 5 card for celebrities.
4.) Dinner at your house.
5.) Give your child your camera and share when they vlogged or filmed (edit as needed!)


    • says

      You can always try the next easiest thing…simply filly up a very large bowl with warm water and slowly dip your head into the bowl. So easy!

  1. says

    So I totally have not been working my shadowage! Obviously that is why I am not a mega star like the Kardashians. Love the tips!

  2. says

    Awesome tips, Mama! I really have been hiding under a rock all this time, trying to figure out why no one notices me! Thank you for clearing this up! I will totally be of Kardashian fame tomorrow!

  3. says

    Oh yeah, you look just like her! Totally rocking the look!

    I got around to everyone’s vlog. I did not sign up this week. Maybe later today…or not…I dunno. ;)

    ~Naila Moon

  4. says

    I was laughing when I saw your teeth full of lipstick! :D You are very fun to watch dear, create more videos and that will always gonna be trending. :D