My love for Angelina Jolie

I was un-liked on Facebook by someone quite awhile ago because of a comment I made about my love for Angelina Jolie.

Gasp as you might, but I do quite enjoy her. I enjoy her checkered past. I enjoy her interesting relationship with her brother. I enjoy the vial of blood she used to wear around her neck. I enjoy her leg discretely posed through any slit in her dress. And believe it or not, I enjoy her acting.

This person on Facebook was all, “HOW DARE YOU ENJOY HER!?! SHE’S A HOME WRECKER!!”

And the comment really caught me off guard.

#1 Are we all still really caught up on that?

It’s been like…8 years right? Seems as though all the parties involved have moved on here.

#2 Do we all even really know the full story there?

How do we know Jennifer and Brad hadn’t talked about separating? Maybe they were already in the midst of breaking up. Maybe Brad slipped Angelina a roofied cocktail and he’s really the sick one here? Did TMZ report all the facts? HOW DO WE KNOW? AND WHY DO WE CARE SO MUCH?

#3 Should a person’s personal life really influence the appreciation of their talent? 

Does she have talent or does she not? Shouldn’t that be the main concern? It’s the only way she actually affects our lives directly. Did I enjoy that movie I just saw with her in it, or did I waste my money on the terrible acting?

(That being said Kanye West, Chris Brown, Mike Vick…I still don’t like those guys for personal reasons)

#4 How much good can one person do in this world before we pardon any wrong doing and begin to appreciate their work?

Apparently visiting war torn countries, adopting children in need of families from around the globe and becoming some kind of goodwill ambassador for humanitarian rights is not enough.

#5 Why has Angelina been branded with a scarlet letter, but the married party involved (Mr. Brad Pitt) seems to have been been forgiven and accepted?

You don’t see people rolling their eyes at the mention of his name, “Oh how could you like HIM!?!” And yet, Angelina has been cast as the seductive siren we all need too punish. That makes a lot of sense.

I’m pretty much over the indiscretion and the only reason I’m even bringing this all back up is because the folks over at SheKnows recently asked me if I would tell my kids if my husband had been unfaithful to me. The question was an easy one for me to answer, but made think about that one time this  gal un-liked me because of Angelina Jolie and I just had to get all those pent up feelings out of my system.

So where do you stand? Over it? Still hard feelings? TEAM ANNISTON FOREVAH!?!


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    Like you I wonder why we put so much worry into their lives. I agree she does good things for good reasons. We do not know the whole story and yet many throw stones based off of what we think we know. Kind of like Princess Di huh. Only we saw Prince Charles as the deviant and her as the angel. We all know Di had a wild side, she was a mere child when Charles took her to be his bride after all. But we overlook that because she did much of what Angelina was doing. And Charles was UGLY, let’s get real here. We were shocked he could get someone as beautiful as Lady Di, weren’t we? So for him to not only have her but be able to cheat on her, the horror.

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      This is funny, Angel; I’ve never forgiven Prince Charles (I think moreso because he and Camilla are ugly HA in face and character and because Di is dead. I do think had she lived and moved on with her life I would feel differently. And I guess forgiven isn’t the correct word; I don’t “know” them; I’m not invested in their lives. It’s more like respect. I don’t respect either of them.) I don’t “know” Brad, Jen, or Angelina either but I can truly say I never felt like I knew the whole story like I did with Charles/Di/Camilla. So, I’ve never felt any kind of way toward any of them. They’re adults. And I don’t think Jen would want any of us feeling sorry for her. I can’t look past all that Brad and Angelina do and I’ve never afforded him more credit than her or thought more poorly of her.

      Now, we start talking about Alicia Keys my opinion might change just a wee bit.

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    Soo over it! With all the humanitarian work Brangelina do it is completely impossible for me to even think about how they began. Plus, I had to leave team Jen when she got to make out with one of my top 5 LIST men, on-screen, but still.

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    Soo over it! With all the humanitarian work Brangelina do it is completely impossible for me to even think about how they began. Plus, I had to leave team Jen when she got to make out with one of my top 5 LIST men, on-screen, but still.

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    I have enough trouble maintaining my personal life. I don’t have time to worry about the lives in Hollywood.

    If I had legs like that, I’d stick them out of my dresses too. Unfortunately I’m in the cover-up business. ;-)


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    Ok – I AM team Jen forever. LOL. I just mentioned this in my last post. That being said, she is an incredibly talented woman and the awareness she helps bring to humanitarian issues is an incredible thing to do.

    You bring up a really great point. The hypocrisy of how quickly we removed Brad from the equation, as if he was just a passer-by in all of this. The judgement and the criticism centered around the women, which is sad and says something about how far we have come as a society in still seeing women as the seductresses. There were two people involved in that.

    But just for the record, I do agree that Brad is missing a sensitivity chip. Doing that spread just two weeks after their pubic split was a bit much.

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      Can I be on both teams? Because I still really like Jen too. And seriously, men get away with so much crap! Amazing to see sometimes it’s US WOMEN who are pushing the double standard. It doesn’t help that between the two women Jen really does come across as the All American good girl and Angelina as a sexy mistress. So we gave them their titles and they really stuck!

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    I adore Angelina despite any oddities or indiscretions. She’s gorgeous so it’s easy to hate on her I think. Brad gets off the hook too easily but still who cares that much that they’d unlike YOU because of it? lol

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      I think the lady who un-liked me had a personal experience with an affair and was getting offended that I would so easily see past it. I did not think my comment was going to rile the community when I made it though!

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    I don’t care for her acting at all-she is a total overactor :) But I agree, it is so ridiculous that the man in the scenario got off the hook so easily. I don’t think it is fair to hold someone’s past against them, especially as they grow and mature and evolve the way she has. She does a great deal of good. Whatever things she did wrong or mistakes she made…really that is between her and God. Not her, US magazine, and me.

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      LOL, I’ll admit I don’t have super high standards when it comes to who’s movies I love to watch. I’m curious to know which female actress you really like!

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        Hahahaha! My standards aren’t terribly high either. I think Angelina is great if I am watching an action movie that needs a strong sexy lead- she just bugs me in serious roles. Come to think of it..I don’t know if there is an actress I really like, other than Meryl Streep. Because she is pretty much genius at anything she does. :p

  8. Jessica says

    I wonder why we care so much sometimes too. Watched your post- I agree that if he is heaven unable to give his side then why tell them! lol

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    Every time I hear Chris Brown sing, “Don’t wake me up…” I follow with, “Or I’ll hit you.” This doesn’t please the 15yos.

    I don’t like Brad or Angie. Not because they cheated, but because I genuinely get a vibe that I wouldn’t hang out with them. Even though their family looks a lot like mine, I doubt we’d have a lot in common. And the Chanel ad…. Brad, please.

    I don’t feel sorry for Jen either. If you are still to’ up, get some therapy.

    If we stopped watching all the people who had extra-marital affairs, what would we watch. And then, you can never be sure. That person, who called you out, better just stop watching everything.

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    I’ve heard of people unliking on Facebook over a football game victory that wasn’t deserved but this…this is a horror! LOL! Crazy people out there! Thank goodness they supply us all with such entertainment. :-)

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    I think the good that Angelina does around the world is wonderful. It’s entirely possible the person who left the comment had been hurt by an affair and that’s her reaction to what you had said? For her it was personal. I mean, Vick is a good football player, but what he did was utterly wrong. I think it’s the same thing as what she and Brad did, even tho it has nothing to do with their acting. That said, I love that you use TMZ for your facts. giggle

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    I really don’t care about her one way or the other. I think she’s a little… odd, and I don’t think she is the type of person I could be besties with if we lived in the same worlds. I do think she is an okay actress (I’m kind of looking forward to her as Millificent), and the humanitarian work she does is great.

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    If someone is going to unfriend you because of Angelina Jolie, she has serious problems. Who cares who she is married to or had sex with? She is a good actress and continues doing good around the world. She really needs a new hobby other than hating.

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    Not a fan, but probably for different reasons than most. The weird brother love always irked me. This is especially silly because I’m from Tennessee. Unofficial motto: The Brother Cousin Sister Wife State.

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    I couldn’t agree more. I think she is also an amazing role model as a mother and a humanitarian, as you so well pointed out, and she’s GORGEOUS and SMART and so entertaining. I have always loved her, and the fact of the matter is, she and Brad turned out to be soul mates. Sometimes we marry the wrong person. At least they were able to fix that.

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    I never really even cared. Just because they’re celebrities does not mean they aren’t entitled to their privacy.
    I personally think Angelina Jolie is a great actress but I think she is awesome for all of the humanitarian acts and charities she is involved with.

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    Angelina is strange but gorgeous. I’m not sure who I want to sleep with more–Angie or Brad?

    That said, I still can’t forget that Billy Bob Thornton was engaged to Laura Dern when Angelina “stole” him away. Coincidence? Hmph. I think it’s a game to her; she gets off on being able to do it.

    Not on either team–team Aniston or team Jolie. I’m team WhoGivesaFuck. :)

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    Totally over it… I mean have you seen the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith?? It’s soooooo good! I can’t begrudge a great couple and a great movie because of what the world thinks they know. I do love my Jennifer Aniston too, but really, she’s over it, we can be too.

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    Does it help if I say that I am not a Brad Pitt fan either? I guess I don’t go out of my way to judge her, but I don’t really like her. I also don’t care for her acting all that much. So it’s really not a big loss. But I proudly wore my Team Anniston shirt in 2004 (? I think it was 04? I can’t even remember when things happened). No really, I had a shirt. For real. And I do think that Brad fell out of my favor because of it. As much as I love Fight Club every time I see photos I’m all “creep”. lol

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    I don’t think I ever really *disliked* Angie, but I certainly lost a certain amount of respect for her. And since it’s a type of respect that is independent of the humanitarian aid, she’s never earned it back.

    Of course, it’s Angelina Jolie, it’s not like she started out on the top of the respect totem pole to begin with.

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    I love both! Relationships are a two way street, both in creation and destruction. Brad totally had a hand in this too, and who the heck knows what was going on with him and Jen at home? And seriously, that was FOREVER ago!

    We had a situation like that in the family. Wife was in a miserable marriage and ended up sleeping with her long time best friend/business partner after he declared his love for her one random afternoon. Now they’re married and happy. Maybe it wasn’t gone about in the best way, but it wasn’t a cauldron of evil either.

  22. the emily says

    This makes me think of Senator Kennedy. When he died he was hailed as a hero but nobody even mentioned the time he drove a car off of a bridge into the water with a woman and he swam out and went home without telling anybody. The woman died. Why doesn’t anybody know this about him? Because of all the good he did. So how much good outweighs the one bad thing? That’s a question for the ages I guess. (Also, I like her too.)

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    I just think people unfriend others for the weirdest reasons! I’ve bee unfriended three times (the first time I took it a little personally), and they were all for weird reasons. Like they didn’t like my sister in law or because of a comment I made in class at church.

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    Hey, I came her via Design Mom, and I’m wondering if you’d do me a favor. I’m an adoptive mama, and I’m wondering if you might consider changing the wording from “adopting unwanted children” to something more appropriate such as “adopting children in need of families”? Many children who are adopted are actually very much wanted by their first families, but factors outside of everyone’s control result in a need for a family who can better provide for the children. I parent two children who were and are very much loved by their families in Ethiopia, and I know that my five-year-old in particular would be very hurt to hear someone say she is or ever was unwanted. Even if that were the truth, it’s not something a person ever needs to hear. Thanks so much for your consideration.

    (And for the record, I am not an Angelina Jolie fan, but to each his/her own.)

  25. Kirsten says

    I adore her. She has great talent and I am in awe of all the amazing humanitarian acts she has done and continues to do..I am disturbed by the hatred of her and some of the things I see people post about her? Awful. What does she have to do to prove herself to those people? IF you were to compare the two women, she acts circles around Jen, she does much more to help others and she and Brad have a wonderful family. Also, out of respect to Jennifer, it is a disservice to her to imagine that she is still pining for Brad. Glad to know someone else likes Angelina, too.

  26. Silver says

    i agree with you :) i hate it when people label her as a home wrecker. im sure there must have been clear reasons why brad chose angie over anniston. i believe brad find comfort in angie and that they have a lot in common, such as their amazing humanitarian role. i believe its not for publicity or anything. i mean, they esp angelina have been to places such as war zone and poor countries, and she really touches people, feels what they feel and gives her deepest empathy. she’s built schools and home for refugees, shes concerned about the landmine problem, hunger, even sexual abuse to women. she’s done a lot as a humanitarian and thats what i like the most about her. she was a wild child in her younger years and turned out to be a woman with a class and manner. i think since brad’s with her, he has kind of calmed her down and her wild side. but still there is something wild and dangerous about this woman that makes her interesting to watch. i love how she raises her children together with brad. i think they both are great parents. what a lovely big family. i hope her carreer (and her husband’s) keep shinning since she has this amazing talent as an actress. she’s one of a few, if not the only one actress who can play role in action movies as well as in other genres. she’s definitely my role model and inspiration. oh, i also hope brad and angelina tie the knot soon:)