You Have To Regret Something…Right?

For awhile I subscribed to the belief that regretting anything in your life was unhealthy somehow. I went along with that philosophy that I couldn’t regret anything from my past because all of my choices are part of who I am today. But then I got to thinking of all the messed up stuff I’ve done and I decided…you know what? I bet I could have made some better choices and still not affected the outcome of my overall life at all. I bet I could have made some people a little happier and still turned out just fine myself. Heck, I wonder…if I had made better decisions I might be even happier with the person I’ve become!

My brother, who is 6’9″ now and terrified of cats one time grabbed my cat and threw it off of him when it attempted to climb up his leg.

I didn’t appreciate his aggressive behavior toward my cat and since we were both children I marched right over to his aquarium, grabbed his small lizard by the tail, twirled it like a lasso above my head and then tossed it to the couch across the room

“You be mean to my cat, I be mean to your lizard!”

Two days later my older brother held the barely breathing lizard in his hands and talked about cracked ribs and then the lizard died.

I love animals. I threw that lizard because my little brother annoyed me. I’m 34 years old now and I still think about that stupid lizard.

So when people are asked to name something in their life that they regret and they give that whole “I have no regrets because they’ve made me who I am today” song and dance…I can’t help but wonder if they’ve really thought about what they’re saying. You have to regret something, right? There’s no one you could have been nicer to? No wild nights you want to take back? No car accidents you wish you had avoided especially four years later with a still injured back? No lizard you wish you hadn’t thrown?

Because I have to say, I have PLENTY!


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    I most assuredly regret throwing a rock at brother’s head and busting it open. Something about little brothers has the ability to bring out awesome anger for sure. Thankfully, he still loves me.

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    Someone tells me they have no regrets I suspect they are lying or are extremely boring. I know I have regrets – it doesn’t have to be major life changing things but there are things I wish maybe I hadn’t done or said..things I wish I would have tried but didn’t.

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    I hate the whole “have no regrets” thing. Of course we have regrets: I should have been nicer to the lonely girl in middle school, I shouldn’t have punched my brother when I was 10. I can think of lots of things. I think it’s normal, and healthy. It’s like guilt. People say you shouldn’t have guilt. I disagree. Or other people are just better are making the right decision the first time.

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    Thoughtful – yet still funny – post. We all have regrets but some are so cringeworthy we cannot bring ourselvses to own up to them.

    I’ve got a treasure trove. One of my biggest – dating a guy I had zero in common with…for 9 months. Just because I liked saying “my boyfriend”.

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    Oh, we all have regrets. It’s whether or not we are willing to own up to them – either in our hearts or out loud. And yes, I have plenty.

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    I’ve been told you only regret the things you didn’t do, not what you did do. I guess you proved them wrong! :-) I think everyone has regrets but most people don’t want to look back on them. That lizard flinging incident sure shaped your life though. I find reading stories like this so interesting. You have such a kind, gentle heart with children and animals, I’m sure what you went through back then is part of the reason for it.

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    Oooh, I love this topic! I love it because only few are honest enough to say they have them and then say what they are. I have plenty and one was blowing off a guy that I met and flirted with all night one night while the the boyfriend (who is now the hubby) and I were on a break. I’m where I am supposed to be but I hate that I was a b**** to him.

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    This is tougher than I thought because I am a believer that it is all part of the journey. Recently, I regretted eating 4 pieces of Sees Candy yesterday. While chocolate is a good thing, I am trying to lose a little weight and that didn’t help me one bit.

    Maybe I should say that I regret any self-sabotage? Yeah! I like that one. Cheers!

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    Yes. I regret totally running over my brother’s jack-o-lantern and making him cry. Nevermind that someone else had thrown it into the middle of the street. And nevermind that I didn’t know it was his. And nevermind that I would probably do it again…wait. A regret means that you wouldn’t do it again if given the chance. Yeah…um…I guess I don’t regret doing that. I just wish he hadn’t been such a baby. Sheesh!

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    I regret plenty. I think we say we are all cavalier about regretting nothing until we realize how much of our lives we fritter away in the form of missed opportunities and stupid mistakes. We can’t get those times back, just like my brother’s graduation pictures that I totally ruined by exposing the film when I was 15.

  11. Leigh Ann says

    I used to do that to our gerbils. No cracked ribs though. That I know of. Mostly I regret being a bad friend in college. Not nearly as funny as the lizard/gerbil thing.

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    Words. There are many words I regret. Usually, they’re out of my mouth before I even realize they’re in my brain. I’m working on that daily.

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    I agree. People have to have some regrets. If you really learned your lesson from it, then you KNOW there was something bad or hurtful that you did, and that has to sting. If you have a heart anyway.

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    I absolutely have regrets. There is things I wish I could just take back completely and others small decisions that tured out to have big affects on my life. But I will admit, some of those regrets helped shape me into the person I am today and I like myself better today than I think I ever did.