Writing Prompts 01.07

Every week you’re invited to join me in Writer’s Workshop by responding to one of the provided writing prompts posted each Tuesday. The directions are simple:

    • Choose a writing prompt from the list provided that inspires you most.
    • Write.
    • Come back this Thursday and paste the URL from your post into the list of links that will be displayed…this way anyone can click on your post thumbnail and head over to your place to see what you wrote.

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Writing Prompts:

1.) The ladies at MomSmack listed their top 10 faves of 2012 here. Use their list as a template and fill in your own answers! (inspired by MomSmack)
2.) Have your kids ever embarrassed you? Share something they’ve said or done that caused a *facepalm*.
3.) Tell us about something that is haunting you.
4.) Have you ever gotten detention at school? What did you do?
5.) Find a photo of yourself taken 10 years ago and display it on your blog along with a current photo. How have you changed since the day that photo was taken?

Some Favorite Entries From Last Week:

“I want to be real… Involved… acknowledged… hands on… I don’t want to be invisible” –Smiffbib

“Blogging is actually hard work, a mini-job all in itself.” –Choice Morsels

“Not to give him a big head or anything, but I think our local meteorologist, Sean Parker, rocks and I always try to give him a Twitter shout-out.” –Perspicasity

“I’m one of those geeks who likes to reflect, set goals and make New Year’s resolutions.” –The Sweet Spot Blog

” I love hearing him speak because there was a time when he had no language. And we wondered if the words would ever come.” –Autism Wonderland

See you Thursday!

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  1. says

    I thought I’d do the “ten years ago” photo idea. Then I figured out that 10 years ago I just bought my first digital camera. Which means most of the first digital images are only 9 years old. Or something. I’m a Mass Comm major, they didn’t make us to a lot of math.

    Thanks for this idea. I dug through my 2003 disks and had a laugh. My personal goal for this year is to retake these shots this year–with a 4 year old and then this year with a 14 year old. Or with my youngest, who is 5. You can’t tell them apart.

    • says

      I must say that OL did a wonderful job punittg together a lovely looking group of ladies. However, i’ve never picked up an OL wondering how good the girls will look in this months edition, and I dont plan on doing that any time soon. There are plenty of other publications that wont force me to use my weak imagination nearly as much, and that are’nt as easily accessible to young children. (for good reason) Now, if i want to see beautiful women in the woods and waters of our awesome nation, i guess i’ll just have to hope that OL puts Tiffany Lakosky in next months print!!! story comes with a young man