Vlogging Workshop: 6 Things I Love

Welcome to this week’s pretty much world famous Vlogging Workshop powered by MomPulse! Today’s prompts are:

1.) American Idol Auditions. (inspired by Vera Sweeney)
2.) A Valentine’s Day craft!
3.) Top 6 things you love about your valentine.
4.) January Favorites! (This is a monthly meme I discovered on YouTube…at the end of every month vloggers share their favorite products, deals, and purchases from that month)
5.) Vlog Community Member Naila Moon has challenged you to participate in the One Billion Rising revolution: “On V-Day’s we are inviting ONE BILLION women and those who love them to WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND an end to violence against women.” You can download the official song on this page and either follow the choreographed routine outlined there or just have fun and dance!

Choose one, create a video, and link up!

Today I’m sharing the 6 things I love about my Valentine. It seemed like the nice thing to do considering Valentine’s Day is almost here, and I feel like I’ve been husband bashing so much lately (in jest) that it felt right getting honest about the many reasons I love my boo. Well…6 reasons:

(video here)

This week I’m featuring Jenny Locklin from Creative Message Media who shared some inside secrets on creative vlogging…and yes, that’s her real hair:

(video here)

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Now it’s your turn!

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Get a jump start on next week’s video! Here are the prompts next Wednesday’s Link up:

1.) Share an activity you’ve enjoyed with your family this winter.
2.) Tell us about one of your favorite charities.
3.) Harlem Shake (It’s going around YouTube like crazy…give it a try!)
4.) Tell us about something you broke once…what happened?
5.) Talk about the last (or current) diet you tried…was it successful?


  1. Luana says

    Hi Kat, my name is Luana and I am a thrirty-five-years-old-mama here in Brasil, South America. Sorry about my terrible English! I have a 5 years old boy and a 3 years old girl…Me and my husband are dreaming about life in Australia, so I am reading blogs of aussie moms, trying to know better the aussie life!! The pictures look fantastic! I did not find in your blog the city you live in. Where is it??? Love XXX Luana

  2. says

    Wow! I am so jealous of the great man you’ve got there. He must also like it when you wear red blankets on your head. :-)

  3. says

    I drive everywhere too. Same reason. What is so hard about applying the breaks smoothly? And now that the kids are so used to my driving when they ride with David, they complain, “Daddy, why do you have to drive so unh, unh, unh, all the time?” LOL

    And I’m happy to know that I’m using the correct tripod to prop my iPad on when making my highly sophisticated videos. I’m well on my way to the big time!

  4. says

    It is amazing the things your husband lets you do. He is a keeper!
    I loved the red blanket…um, I mean shaw…on top of your head. Was that a Valentine’s Day gift?

    Honestly, I kept looking at you and thinking, “Virgin Mary’s new look.” LOL

    ~Naila Moon

  5. says

    I like your list better than mine! And dang it all for taking me so long to edit 7 mins of telling my daughter to shush while I vlog lol late to the party again this week.