Writer’s Workshop: A Valentine Memory

3.) A Valentine’s Day you remember.

I was always jealous of those girls with long term boyfriends in high school (I use the words ‘long term’ loosely here) because on Valentine’s Day it was just a given that they would be taken care of. I woke up every Valentine’s Day to a chocolate heart from my step-dad, but I never came home with bundles of flowers from boys. Would it kill someone to leave a teddy bear and roses in my locker anonymously? Everyone loves an old fashioned secret admirer!

While it never happened for me, it did happen for my little sister. She came home from Valentine’s Day at school one year draped in gifts from her fourth grade boyfriend. Today, I have a message for that boy as I relive that very painful Valentine memory:

(video here)

Now it’s your turn!

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The Prompts:

1.) A week of blog posts from 16 year old you. (submitted by LouLou’s Views)
2.) Write a love letter to the object of your affection.
3.) A Valentine’s Day you remember.
4.) List 7 celebrities you’d like to give Valentines to.
5.) Tell us about your idea of the perfect snowy afternoon.


  1. says

    I feel your pain. Really, I do. Those clips in your hair must really hurt, huh?

    My daughter had a special elementary Valentine – starting in third grade. The happy couple did not end up together in the end…so even the lucky girls lose out sometimes.

    • says

      My daughters have gotten gifts from boys at school too. I can’t believe how young they start bringing stuff like this home. And yes. I’m jealous of them too.

  2. says

    And NOW maybe a suitor could get away with sneaking something in to a beloved’s locker, but have you gotten all the warning notices from your child’s school NOT to have edible arrangements and other deliveries made to the school? Maybe not since your kids are younger but my middle school/high school warned us against showing our “love and admiration” for our kids via expensive deliveries. I love my kids but I figure if I still have to remind my 13 year old to brush his teeth every day that admiration is taking it just a bit far. :-)

    • says

      Oh we haven’t gotten that memo yet! Pretty sure sending arrangements to my kids school would embarrass them anyway, but it’s crazy what the schools are needing to do in order to crack down on security!

  3. says

    Yeah. So. *smooths hair down*

    I had a boyfriend in fourth grade. And he, too, gave me a teddy bear on Valentines Day. Mmmm hmmm.

    Don’t be jealous, though…we broke up a week later. And he is not my groom.

    Much love to you today, Kat! xoxo

  4. says

    ugh.. this day is so hard! some years you wake up to text messages from your bf wishing you a happy valentines day (today!) and some years you get dumped on f’ing v-day (2 years ago). my expectations are just at zero at this point cause you never what hand you’re going to be dealt!

    ps. kinda cute that they’re married? i think so ;)

  5. says

    Awww Kat.. umm so I totally won’t tell you that as the baby of the family my sister’s boyfriends were MY boyfriends. Mattered not they were 17 and I was 6. So yeah I got stuff when they got stuff lol. I do think it is cool they got married though, that is really sweet.

  6. says

    Love the hair. Really. And by 7th grade I was contemplating begging my parents to send me (anonymous) flowers, chocolates, death threats….ANYTHING up to the school so that it would at least appear that someone was thinking about me. I’m hoping the same for today. Is that sad?

  7. says

    I do know this pain and anguish. Of course, my sister was eight years OLDER, but at ten, I really wanted that Valentine attention.

  8. Jodi T. says

    Ahhh, Mama Kat, you KILL me. Hope your hubby watches this, takes pity on 7th grade you, and spoils you rotten. :) Maybe with some more fabulous extensions. Happy Valentines Day!

  9. says

    Haha…. You’re married to her now..

    I remember this sweet boy I “dated” in junior high. He hid flowers in his locker until he could give them to me…he was allergic to flowers.

  10. says

    Kat, I still don’t get presents for Valentine’s day. My hubbie is unromantic and would never think to get me chocolates. Maybe if I get hair clips like yours, things will change.

  11. marie says

    You make me laugh so hard! You really could be an academy award winning actress. HILARIOUS!

    Also, I can’t believe she married her fourth grade boyfriend. How sweet.

  12. says

    Oh you poor poor dear. When I was in 6th grade, I had a ‘boyfriend’ which meant that I totally ignored him. Well on Valentine’s day, I got him a very large Hershey’s kiss. I snuck it into his locker, b/c I didn’t want anyone to know about us. When I got home, he handed me a note without a word saying that he was breaking up with me. What a jerk.