Advice For Teen Moms

If there’s one thing I give, it’s great advice. So when I was asked to share advice for teen moms I knew I definitely had something important to say to them.

It’s funny because when I was pregnant with my first daughter I was teaching freshmen English at a high school and about half the female population was pregnant at the same time. I remember looking at the ultra sound of one of my 15 year old students and asking her about some of her symptoms she was experiencing, considering she was further along than I was. It was very odd, but what I realized with these girls is that they weren’t nearly as shocked about their pregnancy as the rest of the world was. Because when you’re 15, you think you’re 25. And when you’re 25, you feel like they’re 12, and absolutely clueless. And they are.

My message to these young moms? Suck it up:

(video here)

What advice would you share with teen moms who have no idea what they’re future holds now as parents?


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    My advice for Teen moms is the same as it is for any mom: Motherhood is the most difficult challenge you will ever face in your life. It is frustrating, exhausting and sometimes heartbreaking. It’s easier to climb the tallest mountain in the world. During your lifelong journey, you must remember one thing: That child did not ask to be here. YOU choose to embark on this adventure by getting pregnant. Keep this in mind when you’re tired and ready to snap at those kids. You brought them into this world.

    And my second, less insightful piece of advice. Take a lesson from history and don’t provide him/her with a new brother/sister…Until you’re 30!!!

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    You just gave up the last of your carefree days. You are not going to be able to spontaneously go shopping, have private bathroom moments or eat your own food without some sticky hand ruining your favorite outfit.
    Mothering is a challenge, constant and forever. I will be praying for you for those moments when you don’t think you can do the parenting thing.
    OH, and I would direct them to two of my blog posts:

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    You know what – in some ways I think they are better off. They can take things as they come and not sit around with a bunch of 45 year old first-time moms talking about eating their own placenta and breastfeeding….

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    Being a mom is hard. It’s even harder when you’re still a kid yourself. The best advice I could give we be to take it one day at a time.

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    I was a teen mom having my first child at 16. It’s not that it’s unacceptable but that there is no going back to the life you had before wether you are ready or not to be a parent. You can’t just decide you don’t want to be a mom and regain your childhood back because let’s face it you automatically become an adult the moment that child is here. As I tell my children, enjoy being a child. The teenage years are all about figuring yourself out and than comes trying to figure out who you want to be for the rest of your life. Enjoy being young because it only happens once, you can’t go backwards in time. And the truth is…being an adult is hard!