Downward Facing…What Are You Doing?

I once took a yoga class for college credit.


I tried really hard to center myself, but could not turn off my inner 13 year old who was screaming, “Oh my GAH, what are you even doing? Everyone here looks funny!!!!”


I did my best for the sake of a passing grade, but I will always wonder about downward facing dog.


Technically we’ve been posing like this since we were children right? What used to be my “search for quarters under the couch pose” is now a back stretching pose of peace.


Easy enough, but our instructor would walk around every one in the class with a rope during this pose. He would stand behind us, stretch the rope around us and pull us backward…toward him.


It was to help our backs stretch into the correct position so that we would actually feel the tension in our muscles. He was…helping us…


And everyone just let him walk around, adjusting their poses with what my 13 year old inner child could only describe as a thrusting rope.


And since it was the only experience with yoga I’ve ever had…I’ve always wondered if that was NORMAL or if my yoga instructor was completely perverted.



  1. says

    thats so funny! i did one joga class when pregnant (yes just one) I turned up in my running shoes and only considered they were covered in caked on mud from cross country running as i stood in liner with all the other mums to be sporting pristine white trainers! have to say there was no thrusting rope then…mind you perhaps the fear of waters breaking made him keep that in his bag? sounds dodgy to me but more funny if i’m honest x

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    I’ve been to a few yoga classes and there has never been a rope… just sayin’. It’s funny, because my five-year-old has joined the “Healthy Kids Club” at school. Each Thursday they stay after school, prepare and eat a healthy snack and do some sort of exercise. Last Thursday, they walked a mile; yesterday, they had a yoga session. She came home, immediately struck the downward dog pose and said, “Look, Mommy!? This is ‘Down Dog’ but I call it ‘fart pose’. Yes, my five-year-old DAUGHTER really said that.

  3. says

    Um, I do yoga regularly and have yet to come upon the rope. The instructors I’ve had have stood in front or beside me and pushed my lower back down, so…

    Like Jennifer’s daughter, though, I kind of have to keep myself from farting.

  4. Jodi T. says

    LooooL. “The fart pose” – so funny :)

    I’ve never been introduced to the rope in yoga. I think either 1. he had an aversion to touching people or 2. he was a serious freak… YUCK

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    You slay me! I too have never seen a rope. Wait I take that back we just used a strap (not a rope – think karate belt) to wrap around the bottom of our foot to stretch. Never have I seen an instructor use a rope though. lol – Love the inner 13 year old.

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    I’ve taken several yoga classes from different instructors (including one at a Dude Ranch. Imagine the same thing you went through except you’re surrounded by a dozen middle-aged, overweight individuals in western wear) over the years. That touching and pushing thing is totally normal. Some people are more sensitive to it than others, it’s actually the reason I quit yoga.

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    LOVE today’s post! I’ve tried yoga a couple of times and it’s just not for me. It looks so easy, but it’s really difficult (for me, at least). Thanks for sharing your experience (through the eyes of your 13-year-old alter ego.)

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    My 13 yr old self would have been thinking similar thoughts. My yoga class experience is limited to what I’ve seen on tv and read in books (so you know I am an expert). I’ve seen touching but no rope.

    Now I can’t remember that movie (comedy) where a bunch of married friends go to a couples retreat to try and save the marriage if one couple….they had a yoga instructor getting bumpity from behind with one of the wives lol

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    I started Yoga in HS around 14 or 15 years old that was around 1984 and never then or since has an instructor used a rope. They do touch you and correct your form so if he was just a perv he could of touched your hips or butt… I think as someone replied above he must of had an aversion to touching people – or just weird.

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    Um, I don’t know if I want to say he is a pervert because the rope may have been his way to avoid touching you guys, but I have never seen a rope in yoga.