Gold Medals From The Tooth Fairy

tooth fairy2

I admitted to the girls months ago that I was the Tooth Fairy. I couldn’t bear the look on their sad faces after a few failed tooth fairy missions and I came clean. So now when they lose a tooth I just hand them money and leave it at that.

Unfortunately, I never had this chat with Kainoa. He recently lost two teeth and aside from some congratulations from me, nothing ever really came of it. My son didn’t even really know what a Tooth Fairy WAS because he had missed all the Tooth Fairy talk when the girls went through it. I dropped the ball completely with him.

I was thinking about how we all compare Tooth Fairy earning stories as we grow up, “when I was little the tooth fairy left silver dollars!” or “back in my day a tooth was only worth 50 cents!” and I wondered what Kainoa’s story would be.

“Tooth Fairy? Say what? You guys GOT STUFF for your teeth? Tell me more…”

But I won’t have to worry about that anymore because yesterday Kainoa came bounding down the stairs, “MOM!!!! The Tooth Fairy came!!”

I was caught off guard by this because a.) He lost his tooth weeks ago and b.) obviously I’ve never talked about the Tooth Fairy with him.

He ran up to me with a gold medal draped around his neck. “It was in my LUNCH BOX by my PILLOW!! I got a gold medal and two candies and a quarter!!”

“Oh my goodness buddy, way to go!”

I mean the look of glee on this boy’s face was frame worthy.

Also in his lunch box was this note,

tooth fairy“You are doing great on losing teeth keep it up you will get more stuff! Love tooth Fairy”

in the handwriting of a certain big sister of his.

I don’t know whether I should feel terrible that my nine year old decided to take matters into her own hands when I dropped the Tooth Fairy ball (yet again) or if I should feel thankful that I’ve raised a little girl who is thoughtful enough to do that for her little brother.

Either way? I can guarantee you Kainoa will be the only adult at the table talking about when he was a kid he got gold medals for his teeth.

Thanks Maile!


  1. says

    I absolutely loved this, love that siblings care for one another that much (you raised them to love each other that much!)
    it reminds me of my sister and me, even in our worst fights, we still found time to be good to each other when the chips were down.

    this story just made me very teary.

  2. Imperfectmomma says

    I would be proud, she wouldn’t be so thoughtful without you being so forgetful.

    Oh wait also, who taught her how to be so thoughtful? Boom. Lets sweep that major ball dropping moment to the side and dwell in that glory.

  3. Beth L. says

    Yes, #2….be glad your daughter is so sweet….she’s getting her “Mommy” on and practicing! Thanks for sharing.

  4. says

    That is the greatest tooth fairy story ever! It obviously meant a lot to her when she received stuff from the tooth fairy that she wanted her little brother to experience it also. Way to go Big Sis!

  5. says

    Your daughter is so thoughtful. I forgot once with Avery and felt like an idiot when she woke up to find the tooth was still there. Luckily I was able to rebound by saying she doesn’t work weekends. Whew!