Don’t Pop Balloons On People

this one time balloon

This one time I got really mad at my cousin and before storming off to my house I tried to pop my balloon on her stomach.

That damn thing wouldn’t pop though so I just kept pushing it and punching at it and grabbing at her and then gave up and turned to run home.

But before leaving I happened to glimpse my Uncle Brian standing at their doorway watching the whole thing go down. Me beating up on his daughter, her crying at me to stop, and him just standing there watching.

He had a soft spot for me and probably always felt a sense of obligation to look over me and my siblings since our Dad died. One of his best friends. Which is why instead of running to protect his daughter or yelling at me to stop, he stood there looking disappointed.

And because I had a soft spot for him, being the only consistent male father figure in my life by default, I couldn’t get his disappointed face out of my head. If that stupid balloon had popped the first time like I had intended than I wouldn’t have had to keep on punching it on her.

Who pops balloons on people anyway??

So I grabbed a baggie of candy and ran back to my cousins house. I wish apologies were still that simple. She took it and happily forgave me as she often did when I didn’t deserve it and my Uncle gave me his nod of approval.

I don’t pop balloons on people anymore.


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    I’m not sure what to say it here. This touched me. Thanks for sharing this story, and yes it would be nice if apologies were always that easy. Blessings!

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    What a hard way to learn a lesson. We all make mistakes in anger, but what was extra sweet and beautiful about this post was that you apologized (in an awesome kid way)…I wish apologies were always that easy too.

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    Ok this was not what I expected it. I have a fear of balloons.. seriously. But I think the fact that you caught his disappointment and sought to make it right shows how tender hearted you really are..

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        shelly God has given me both a peace and a strong caonmmd to stay true to Him for He is our husband we are His bride. What a blessing it has been to learn this over the past 9 months or so. When my eye/mind wanders He grabs my chin and pulls my gaze back to His. It is beautiful. Thank you so much for this encouragement it fits RIGHT in to what He is teaching me! You are a blessing girl! I’ll be back at SWO next fall I hope to see you there!

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    Sometimes you write things that may appear silly from the start, but then turn around and touch me so deeply I’m left with tears in my eyes.