I Don’t Understand Coffee

understand coffee

I don’t understand coffee or what it is about it that just feels so good? Besides whiskey, there’s no other drink that after the first gulp makes me want to curl into a ball on the couch and be happy. It feels like home. Which is so strange because I didn’t even start drinking it until after my third baby was born. I don’t know where I thought I was all those non coffee drinking years, but I most certainly was not home.

And if we’re being honest, it’s not really that tasty. I like milkshakes much more. And yet, you’ll never see me craving a milkshake in the morning.

“Don’t even TRY to speak to me before I’ve had my milkshake! I absolutely cannot function!”

If it’s the warmth and comfort coffee brings then why doesn’t hot cocoa or a bowl of soup do the same thing? Why don’t we put a pot of chicken noodle soup on the oven every morning and update our Facebook status with things like “Running on low…need more chicken noodle soup!” or “Walked out of the house wearing two different shoes…remind me not to skip my soup in the morning!” or “trying to cut down to just one cup of soup a day…already failed!”

It doesn’t work.

We love our coffee. We dress it up, add milk, flavored syrups, creamers, put it on ice, pin coffee quotes, invite friends over to share, collect coffee mugs, make coffee jokes and fancy up the name. Cappuccino, Americano, Frappuccino, Mocha Latte Breve Espresso Grande…we have to have it. It makes us happy and warm and excited and happy…

Aw crap, I think understand coffee now.

I have an addiction, don’t I?


  1. says

    My addiction to coffee is so bad that I worry about such things: If I were to get kidnapped, would my captors give me coffee in the morning? What if I were in a plane crash and landed on a deserted island? I would have to find the coffee stash on the plane or I would never survive. No, I don’t worry about being beaten to death or eaten by wild animals. I worry that my precious coffee would be taken away. Does that define addiction?

  2. @PamelaMKramer + A Renaissance Woman says

    Girl!!! It’s that warm yummy sugary taste with that kick of caffeine! Soup doesn’t have that speed to it, although the milk shake might! But you’re right the milk shake isn’t warm.

    I had a serious problem with Starbucks! Venti Vanilla Spice Latte with an extra shot of espresso and extra pumps of vanilla please! For Lent I’ve gone Paleo which means no Starbucks because I can’t drink it straight black. I’ve tried! It took a good 4 days to detox from the coffee. It was horrible and the headaches oh my lord, awful!!!!!!! It’s over now. But you can bet on day 41 I will be heading to Starbucks. Lol

  3. says

    I’m not a big coffee fan. If you see me with coffee, it’s b/c it’s been a very, very bad day. I go with mountain dew if I need caffeine.

  4. says

    It may be an addiction but for God’s sake don’t stop! I stopped drinking Diet Coke at the beginning of 2013 (another caffeine-related addition) and am still sense perfect mkaing, right?! ##*)&(#&$)(#*$&

  5. TheNextMartha says

    Addiction. Yes. I had an upset stomach and could not have coffee for 48 hrs. The headache was brutal. Will I go back to my coffee? Hell yeah I will.

  6. says

    Now I think I want another cup. I can’t beleive you didn’t start drinking it till your third child. I couldn’t have survived my first without it or college for that matter.

  7. says

    Now you didn’t say how you liked your coffee? I’ve been drinking since college. At times I’ve tried to switch to decaf but just can’t. You mentioned the taste being not all that great. I’ve always drank mine black. Now with my midlife hormones raging I have a funny taste in my mouth and coffee tastes extra bitter. :(. I still drink it though. I just don’t enjoy it like I used to so I’m not drinking as much — which is a good thing.

  8. says

    You are only addicted if you can’t live without it. Before my second kid, I would make/drink/demolish an entire pot of French Roast each day. Later I went to a therapist who mentioned that I am a total Type A personality and should rethink the caffeine. After switching to decaf for a couple of years, I got over it and got rid of the coffee maker altogether.

    Now I find myself in the Starbucks drive thru a couple of times per week for a quick fix. Hmm… maybe I still am addicted. Who knows?

  9. says

    most all the coffee I drink of late is brewed at home but I find having an endless cup of coffee at a breakfast restaurant very special and enjoyable. I think it’s more than the caffeine. It’s also the place and company you enjoy it with.

  10. says

    I feel the same level of enthusiasm, but for tea. I don’t usually get to my tea until after I’ve already gotten to work, packed the lunches, unloaded the dishwasher, and thrown in the laundry. But then, I take the kettle of the stove, pour boiling water over my teabag and… heaven.

  11. says

    I love coffee. I hate that it has a hold on me like a gangster with my most sensitive personal information. Our relationship is long-term, and has gone from sugar and cream hot latte sweet to a no-frills, love-hate strong bitter gotcha-by-the-balls black.

  12. says

    I remember the first time I met you and you didn’t really drink coffee… I was all like, what is wrong with her?

    So now I’m glad you’ve come over to the coffee loving side.

  13. says

    I was not a big coffee fan until I was expecting my sixth child, I craved it all the time! Before that I occasionaly had a shot of coffee. Being Cuban I was used to super bold shots that had enough caffeine in it to give a bull a heart attack and frankly it was just too much for my nervous system so I steered away from it. Now I actually enjjoy drinking it, caramel latte is my fav!

  14. says

    I love it. LOVE IT. I drink one in the morning and one in the afternoon whether I need it or not. It’s so good when it hits your lips.

    I didn’t start drinking it until I had my 3rd. I have NO IDEA

  15. says

    I love it. LOVE IT. I drink one in the morning and one in the afternoon whether I need it or not. It’s so good when it hits your lips.

    I didn’t start drinking it until I had my 3rd. I have NO IDEA how I got through live with infant twins and no coffee.

  16. says

    i like good coffee,like Peetes from Berkley C.A,it blows away any gormet coffee! i know i used to sell coffee and did alot of blind tastings.lets put it this way! im a user not a abuser of anything!