Writing Prompts 02.11

writing prompts kitty

Every week you’re invited to join me in Writer’s Workshop by responding to one of the provided writing prompts posted each Tuesday. The directions are simple:

    • Choose a writing prompt from the list provided that inspires you most.
    • Write.
    • Come back this Thursday and link up by pasting the URL from your post into the list of thumbnails that will be displayed. Just scroll to the bottom of the thumbnail list, click the bold words you will see that say “Click here to enter” and you’re all set!

View more detailed instructions on how this weekly meme works in the Writer’s Workshop FAQs. To receive writing prompts in your inbox each week, subscribe to the writing prompt newsletter here.

Writing Prompts:

1.) A week of blog posts from 16 year old you. (submitted by LouLou’s Views)
2.) Write a love letter to the object of your affection.
3.) A Valentine’s Day you remember.
4.) List 7 celebrities you’d like to give Valentines to.
5.) Tell us about your idea of the perfect snowy afternoon.

Some Favorite Entries From Last Week:

“I’ll admit that I do dance around like a fool when some throwback radio station plays Lucky Star!” –The Princess Blogger

“The whole blog would’ve been in binary code, as I tried to update posts remotely from my pager” –Hollow Tree Ventures

“It fills my mind with fiesta images, swirling orange and yellow skirts and brightly colored pinatas.” –Choice Morsels

“He looked over with disgust…”What the hell is that?? That’s not a Storm Trooper…it’s a sad dog with a headband on!!!”-Lady Goo Goo Gaga

“It was one of the elf names in a video game generator.” -Tales From The Nursery

See you Thursday!