Blogging Burnout

Every once in awhile I happen upon a blogger who is ready to throw in the towel. Just end it all…the writing, the photo sharing, the networking…it’s just too much.  When the powers that be at SheKnows asked me if I had ever experienced blogging burnout and would I ever go offline, I had my response ready:

(video here)

In short? No. Not ever.

Would you? What might cause you to close up shop?


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    Sometimes I wonder if I shot myself in the foot with this goofy 365 challenge, but other than that…I like blogging. Now If I could just get someone else to listen to me.

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      I attempted a 365 day challenge once that was hosted on a calendar phone app. I think I lasted to day 32. Could. Not. Hang.

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    After almost 2 years, I quit blogging for an entire year. I resented blogging & everything that came with it.

    I’m back now (working on a new project, one I really LOVE) & am happier with the balance.

    Glad you’re sticking around! Love your blog, always have!

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      It’s funny how jaded we can become with this gig. You definitely have to be “in” it to understand it, but I feel you on that!

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    I’ve thought about it. But then I come back to reality. I just love the community I have with blogging and I’m not sure I could ever give that up. If I do find myself burning out, I just step back for a bit and don’t post every day. This stepping back sometimes makes my family think that something is wrong, because, God-forbid I forget to post about my son eating breakfast or trashing the playroom. Usually those little breaks give me enough energy to regroup and jump back in.

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      That’s so funny, if I don’t have a post up my sister will be the first one to call me and be all, “so what’s up Mama Kat? No post today?? What’s the deal!?!” :) I love that she’s still a daily reader. I get tired of my OWN self sometimes. Sounds like we have similar families!

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    I pretty much did go offline outside of Twitter though I’m very slowly coming back. Will I ever go back to being a personal blogger? Eh, probably not but I made too many friends to ever completely disappear from the Net.

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      Kendall! Well I haven’t seen you round these parts in a long time son! Pretty sure tweeting once a month does not count as being online. Haha! But it’s good to *see* you!

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    Since I go into withdrawl if I’m without internet access for longer than an hour or so… I’m probably not going anywhere.

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      Whenever we lose our power I do some serious panicking. “Oh the powers out…this will be neat…wait…NO WIFI!?!?!!” It’s like detox for people like us.

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    I am feeling discouraged with my lack of traffic to my blog… which is hard especially when I have put so many hours and days into attempting to expand my reach. Ugh. I don’t give up easily though. Will continue to persevere and hope that all I invest will someday pay off. :)

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      That can be very frustrating…especially when you’re trying to monetize your blog and you see other people start up and seem to rocket in popularity. I don’t know what the secret is, but I think reminding yourself what it is you love about what you do and why you started is probably healthy. :)

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    I’ve thought about packing up shop before but it’s usually fueled by drama or other immature stuff going on….when I’m feeling hurt by those mean people typing. Stepping away for a few hours is usually good enough.
    Next time I’ll just picture your imitation of them. I’m not going anywhere either. Maybe we can be crazy blogging grannies together lol

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      There have been a very small number of times where people inside the computer have said things hurtful enough to ruin my day. My husband is always great about putting things into perspective for me, “Kat, they don’t KNOW you…the only people who really matter are the ones sitting in this house right now and none of us care about whatever is happening in your computer…” It’s really true.

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    This is my one year anniversary and I find I am not as enthusiastic as I was at the beginning of the year. I would step back for a while, but have committed to a 365 photo challenge and don’t want to “break the chain”. Like Chris, I also am discouraged at the lack of regular viewers. But I will “slog blog” on and try at least to meet the end of the year. Spring and the possibility of more interesting scenery to photograph may rejuvenate my enthusiasm.

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      I find a break really does wonders. Gives you time to think about what you’re doing and what your long term goals are. Mine keep changing and I think that’s partly why I’m able to hang in there. New ideas motivate me and a love for creating definitely helps. :)

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    I love blogging. I’ll be sticking around until I’m 80 too. I have taken a few short breaks to recharge – but they are like refueling periods. In it for the long haul!

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    I got out and now don’t know how to get back in…the pressure of that concept is almost more than the pressure of keeping my blog fresh and funny . Of course, I was never a Mama Kat’s Losin’ It – but a girl can dream, right?

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      Like you need to put any effort whatsoever into being funny…it just flows right from your finger tips. When you actually blog that is. I miss you!

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    I love writing and blogging is currently my platform. It’s the closest I get to calling myself a writer so I don’t see me leaving it. Though I think as my son gets older I may stop blogging about him, so we will see.

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    “Meeting” the people I’ve met – I don’t think I could ever just stop. And, as someone else said, it’s therapy for me. It lets me take whatever is going on in my head and just dump it out…whether or not it gets published is a different story – but it’s out of my head. So it will be you, me and a few more still powering through it when we are 80…I can’t wait.

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    Now that you said that you probably jinked it.
    The online connection has an on/off switch but blogging doesn’t need to be that way. I’ve only posted everyday for special challenges but even 4-5 a week can get old. Like you said, just take break. Drop down to one post a week or month. Remember this should be fun.

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    Sometimes my life has gotten too hectic to keep up with it but no, I don’t think I could ever give it up forever. I just take sabbaticals now and then. ;)

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    After blogging for a year, I had an ex contact me and tell me that he didn’t want me to keep writing about him. Had he ever read a single post, he would see that it has nothing to with him but the fact that someone could misinterpret my words and twist them around made me want to quit. That lasted a week and then I went right back to it. I missed the writing, the community and the friends. Sometimes I get writer’s block but otherwise, I don’t think I’m going anywhere. So glad you aren’t either.