YouTube Viral Videos: Screaming Goat Songs

To understand this viral trend of the screaming goat songs that recently hit YouTube, you first need to watch this video compilation of screaming goats. Sheep? I don’t know some kind of livestock that sound like humans when they scream and some of these literally had tears running down my cheek. :

screaming goat

That compilation alone has over 11 million views on it.

What happened next is this…to Taylor Swift:

And then to Katy Perry:

And Justin Bieber:

Bon Jovi:

And even Whitney Houston:

I just saved you from the “screaming goats” search on YouTube you were bound to do today and you’re welcome.

I’ve long been wondering what it’s going to take to get a video to go viral on YouTube and had I known it was a screaming goat I would have started adding them MONTHS ago!!

I’m always LATE to the game!!

Marsha Marsha Marsha!!


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    Ha! I had seen the screaming goats video a while ago, but never any of these songs. SO FUNNY! I think the Justin Bieber one was my favorite :)

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    The Taylor Swift one has been killing me for days now…but the others? Hadn’t seen them. I think the Justin Beiber one is my favorite!

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    OK, clearly I live under a rock because I had no idea there was such a thing and, honestly, I don’t really know the younger singers’ material. However. That Bon Jovi one? And the Whitney Houston? My husband and I both laughed until we cried. I think I have to watch that every day now. Thanks for the laugh!