All Over My Mirror

I spent an hour scrubbing all of the mirrors in the house. We have a lot of them because I don’t like to walk more than 4 steps without smiling at my reflection.

So imagine my disdain as I prepared a shower for myself and noticed what looked like the faint, dirty fingerprints of three guilty children ALL OVER my mirror.

I grumbled something about how pointless it is to clean ANYTHING in this place when those 30 little fingers are following behind me messing everything up again.

When I got out of the shower I stared at their graffiti as the steam settled into place and made the words visible to me. Various versions of “I love Mom” were scribbled in every corner.

I mean…maybe they’re not SO bad.


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    Aw, that’s cute! Oh, by the way, I watched your March Madness basketball tip video. I give you credit for shooting hoops in a coat–not easy! I think you need to practice your layups though. I noticed you didn’t even attempt to demonstrate doing it from the left side. Great job getting around your three tough opponents!

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    that is really sweet and cute! or….are they just doing it because they know you can’t get mad at the dirty mirrors with an “i love mom” statement thrown in? :)

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      Probably! Smart little cookies…I can never discipline them so long as they’re complimenting me in some way.

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    So typical of kids to do something that drives us crazy but then not be able to get mad at them for it. I swear they are smarter than we give them credit for.

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    Awwww :) Just like when you’re busy or on the phone and they’re like, “Mom. Mom. MOM! Moooommy! Mom! MOOOOM!…” “WHAT?!!!” “I love you.” Never do I feel more loved, more ashamed…and more irritated than in those moments.

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    Oh, those little fingerprints…
    Mine don’t write quite yet, but they do sometimes get a hold of the dry erase marker and leave me pictures on the mirrors.