Writer’s Workshop: Something I Stole

4.) Something you stole.

I don’t normally steal but this particular item was like a beautiful siren beckoning me to her. I knew I wasn’t someone most would consider “fashionable”, but this item would change everything!

I knew high end when I saw it. The colors were deep and rich. The silk fabric slipped through my fingers and I envisioned myself traipsing through the halls of school, a new woman.

Twenty five dollars.

Twenty five dollars!

This was the kind of cash I dreamed of carrying someday, but today I was unlucky. I put the Tigger tie down and walked over to my friend who was trying on a Minnie watch, “Hey are you ready to get out of here? I can’t afford anything in the Disney store…” she said.

“Yeah totally…I’m just about ready…”

I made one final loop past the Tigger tie and cautiously slipped it into my bag. My heart was racing as we casually left the store and I was filled with a mixture of guilt and excitement. Did I just get that FOR FREE!?! I wasn’t sure how I was going to rock that tie at school, but I’d find just the perfect outfit for it!

Only I never did.

Who wears ties to school?

As it turns out my little sister does…and I made fun of her every time. She had no idea it was stolen, otherwise she could have quickly fired back, “Who steals ties from the Disney store with the intention of wearing them but then never does!?!” At least she made good use out of it. I hung it up in my room as decor, but every time I looked at it I felt a pang of guilt for my crime. It would always be something I stole and never something I could wear in good conscience.

And I never stole again.

Unless you count the time I took the carand those drinksand the pumpkins…in which case…okay I steal occasionally. We all have our quirks.

tigger tie

Now it’s your turn!

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The Prompts:

1.) Something that gave you a headache.
2.) List of 10 things that will make you blush.
3.) Write a poem about your favorite place to be.
4.) Something you stole.
5.) Tell us about a time you had to apologize.


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    I admit: I was too embarrassed to write using that prompt. My friends and I may have some extra bar glasses and interesting campaign signs lying around. We don’t have to do this so much now that we have smartphones and can just take a picture of signs we like, though. Technology is grand. :) PS: Nice tie!

    • says

      It did cross my mind that perhaps a brand might stumble upon this post and perhaps press charges or something…but for the sake of humor, that’s a risk I’m willing to take. I’ve never stolen a sign though! Way too much work.

  2. says

    Lol, I’m not even going to get into all the things I used to still as a kid…….and well, sometimes older!!!

    • says

      The older ones are when the memories get particularly embarrassing. As a kid it’s like, “aww she was five…she didn’t know better”…but when we’re talking about teens it’s more like, “ack…she has a problem!”

  3. says

    Oh my gosh if I had done this prompt, it would have been a Disney Store story too! My kindergartener (now 16) “stole” a keychain from there once. I marched her in and made her return it among many tears and much shame (mine). “I don’t want a kid who steals” I think were my exact words. It wasn’t one of my finer parenting moments — and she’s now a fine upstanding citizen (phew).

  4. says

    I used to steal all the time when I was a teen. I feel terribly about it now…but at the time I just wanted stuff!!! A Tigger tie…not sure if it was worth it! ;)

  5. says

    haha cute. i once stole a bumper sticker at one of those airport shop things. it was $5. $5! i just wanted a memory from my trip! hehe

  6. says

    I never actually stole anything myself but was there when my friend would carry her Mom’s huge purse into a store and steal cigarettes back when they were not behind the counter. So I guess that makes me the accomplice :)

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    I’m glad you learned a lesson from it. My daughter stole a hat once, got caught by the Mall security and ended up doing 30 hrs of community service. She never stole anything again, ever. She was so humiliated when the cops marched her through the mall, all the people they pass staring, and put her into the back seat of the police car.

    • says

      My daughter did the same thing! I was hard on her and at the end of the day, I don’t think she really meant to do it. Whoops!

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    I think it’s hilarious that you stole a tie of all the things in the Disney store. =) I went through a stealing “phase” in elementary school at the local 10 cent store, except it was more than 10 cents, but it was nicer than a dollar store. I did however enjoy every candy I took from there!

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      Stealing candy wouldn’t have been much more gratifying…and probably not nearly as much jail time to serve for that. You were wise beyond your years.

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    I love this!!! I stole a bunch of candy from Woolworths (Does that totally date me?) and still have a pang in my heart because of it. I hated all that candy. I was so terrified because my friend pushed me to do it, and then we got home late and both were in so much trouble. THEN I got in additional trouble because I wasn’t allowed to have candy on any day but Saturday. Oh it was awful. I cried and cried in my bedroom. Thanks for bringing up the beautiful memories… LOL

  10. says

    Yeah, so we are both worried about the statute of limitations for theft. I didn’t steal a nice tie, though. I probably should have, just so I could write about it from jail…

  11. says

    I love Tigger!….but a tie? C’mon! You couldn’t have swiped a pen? a mug? one of those slap bracelet thingies? Sheesh. What kind of thief are ya anyway? Go for the good stuff! ;)