YouTube Viral Videos: Surprise Pregnancy Reveals

I fell down the “surprise pregnancy reveals” rabbit hole of YouTube last night. Please make a mental note to yourself…if you’re ever in need of a pick me up, this rabbit hole is the answer. I found myself crying tears of joy for OTHER peoples babies. The excitement, the newness, it’s all just so happy and wonderful. Here are a few of my favorites that went viral.

1.) We tell the kids.

“My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for over two year. When we learned that we are having twins, we wanted to surprise the girls with a cake. Both of the girls were beyond surprised.”

pregnancy reveal3

2.) Telling the In Laws We’re Pregnant

“The best 60th birthday party EVER!
We wrapped a pair of ‘Grandpas’ shoes in a box with a card and a sonogram picture and captured a moment that will be cherished for many years to come.”:

pregnancy reveal

3.) Mom and Dad We’re PREGNANT

“Watch what happens when I tell my mom she has a surprise coming in September.”

pregnancy reveal2

4.) Mom, I’M PREGNANT!!!!

“I told my mom I was pregnant on her birthday. The gift is a baby onesie with iron on letter spelling “Baby” and our last name.”

pregnancy reveal4

5.) We told Dads they’re going to be Grandpas

pregnancy reveal5

6.) More adorable sisters BEYOND thrilled with mom’s news!:

Baby Reveal

Watching these videos made it abundantly clear I did my pregnancy reveals WRONG…I can’t even remember how I told my family. If there’s a next time you can bet I’ll capture that on video. Although my families reactions will probably be a whole lot less yelling and more like, “Again?? Have you lost your mind?”

How would your family react?


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    The grandpas one is my favorite ever. SO CUTE.
    I imagine it’s a little like how my uncles reacted when they heard we were pregnant.

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    Grandpas FTW. Are you effing kiddin me? Awesome.

    Psst. The onesie video goes to the grandpas, not the mom. Heads up!

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    My mom would just say “I knew it!” She apparently knew both times before I told her. For our first we took our parents out to dinner (separately) then presented the sonogram picture. For the 2nd we did that then I posted a sibling book cover (Big Sister) on Facebook to announce to everyone else.

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    I never did any fancy reveals either… although perhaps I should have recorded my mother’s reaction when I told her I’m NOT planning on more kids. You’d think she’d been told of someone’s death…

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    Omg I love all the high pitched screaming. My family would barely yelp much less scream if we told them we’re having another. The only person who would have that kind of reaction is me. Pretty sure I can’t be surprised pregnant. Well maybe …

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, my Mother HUNG UP ON ME. I told her she needed to come over before I flew out (I was a flight attendant before the only airplane in my life became the imaginary one flying into my son’s mouth all spoon style.) She told me that whatever I had to tell her could be told over the phone. The first time I told her, she hung up on me. The second time? She yelled she was too young to be somebody’s grandmother. And then hung up again. Keep in mind I was 24 and had only been married for 4 months at this point.

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    I told my mom on the phone as soon as I found out. After seven years of trying I’m not sure I could have handled the emotion overload of telling her in person.