When You’re Done Having Babies

My youngest is five and to be quite honest I’m not positive I want to be done having babies…maybe I want another? I go back and forth. My husband has more of a ‘no’ on his mind, but if it came down to it I think I could sway him. At SheKnows this week I talked about the major factors that contribute to our inability to come to a final decision. You’ll see I have very mature decision making skills:

(video here)

Pat says I need to stop thinking about babies like they’re puppies and I need to start remembering what a pain in the neck raising them they can be.

I get it.


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    I couldn’t possibly do the sleepless nights again! Momma likes her sleep way too much and now that my kids are older, I can sleep in a bit and let them get their own darned breakfast. (yeah, cost is a factor too)

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      And see this is where I think I’m really missing the mark because I think Kat of Present day has FORGOTTEN Kat of Christmas Past and how angry she would get with that lack of sleep. Kat of Christmas Past would probably like to punch present day Kat in the face.

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    Someone once told me “You’ll never regret the children you do have, but you may regret not having the child you didn’t have.” That’s what prompted our third child :)

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      That is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying too! Sure they’re hard, but look at those kids…aren’t they worth every moment!?! (usually)

  3. Megan says

    I just realized with this baby that it could be our last- were open to the possibility of a third but I really feel satisfied with two…
    It made me really sad.

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    I have finally reached the, ‘ok, i’m truly done’ phase and now even the cutest pictures don’t sway me though I still can’t hold them for I’ll crater and start begging my husband.. ‘please, we can handle three, i’ll help!’ to which he wisely rolls his eyes.

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    I’m 54 and beyond childbearing, but I sometimes think I’d like to have another one. I’ll make do with the grandchildren though. When my youngest was 3, and I told my husband I thought I wanted one more, he bought me a puppy instead. Sigh.

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    I’m in the baby phase right now and all I have to say is NOOOOO! Don’t do it! They cry A LOT & yes, the diaper bag goes every.where. But they are cute & snugly….so it’s a toss up. ;)

    (Kate from Mommy Monologues-just working on a new project.)

  7. Liz says

    I sided with your reasoning Kat…and now am 34 weeks pregnant, in a 90+ degree heatwave with no air conditioning, chasing around 2 toddlers. Oh..and remember, the sleepless nights start BEFORE the little bundle of joy arrives. I think I woke up to pee and turn over about 15 times last night. My other 2 were so kind and to let me “sleep in” until 6:25.

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    My youngest (of two kids) is 3.5 and my husband has just started angling for a third. Whereas in the past, it was me doing the hard sell on having babies, this time round the roles are reversed and I’m a bit ‘Meh’ on the whole idea going right back to nappies and broken sleep and baby nap schedules… but I’m only a few years shy of 40 now, so it’s kind of a case of Do It Soon Or Never. Gah. I wish my husband had never brought it up, as I was quite content with two kids….

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    I’m not sure our decision is made. My husband is sure there is no decision to be made — he is done. I’ve told him I can still get another in there and he doesn’t even HAVE TO KNOW until it’s done (remember all that humping you thought was because I really wanted to hump you? HAHA Pregnant!) But then there’s cost.