Mickey and the Magical Map #DisneySMMoms

Last month I got to fly to Disneyland and attend the unveiling of Mickey and the Magical Map. It’s crazy how much these shows have changed since when I was a kid. I remember (vaguely) some renditions of my favorite Disney songs on stage, but Mickey and the Magic Map was a different beast altogether.

This show weaves today’s technology together with the same amazing performances with a giant (GIANT) interactive flat screen as the backdrop. At one point Mickey is talking to the sorcerer in the screen and at another point he actually falls INTO the screen with the sorcerer. The overall message for kids is to always keep dreaming and using their imaginations and as usual it injects that magical “I can do anything!” attitude we love so much.

You can catch a glimpse of Mickey and the Magic Map here:

This past week Disney Social Media Moms traveled to Seattle and I was lucky enough to be invited to attend that event as well. The mini conference lasted about a half a day and covered everything from the latest happenings in Disney as well as some really inspiring words of wisdom from self made women. They touched a bit on working from home, addressing mom guilt, taking time for ourselves, and prioritizing the pockets of time we have available to us everyday.


The overall message for us was to keep dreaming and using our imaginations and as usual it injected that magical “I can do anything!” Disney attitude we love so much.

I think I’m seeing a theme here.


My dream is to one day walk around Disneyland in FULL evil stepmother garb giving people dirty looks. Here’s hoping Disney catches wind of that and invites me to fulfill that dream NEXT!

I did not receive compensation to write for either of these events, but travel and hotel accommodations were made for that Magical Map viewing.