YouTube Viral Videos: Pumpcast News with Will and Monifa Sims

Last week one of my Facebook friends shared a video that I’m STILL thinking about. I want this couple to adopt me.  Basically Jay Leno has a series on his show that they call Pumpcast where they prank unsuspecting gas pumpers, in this case Pumpcast News with Will and Monifa Sims. They asked the man pumping gas to sing a song and before you know it his wife is involved and the whole thing is just awesome. I love how happy they seem:


They were so loved they were actually asked to come TO the Jay Leno show and perform:


And I’m going to ignore the part where people claim this was all a fraud for good tv and that the couple featured were set up. They deny it and I believe them dammit!

How much of reality tv do you think is really staged?


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    Anytime I hear someone scream, “FRAUD!” about reality TV I think: Was the fraud entertaining? Because if it is, I don’t really care. Love this couple!