A Questionable Note

I found a quesitonable note in the trash over the weekend that left me feeling quite perplexed. Where had me daughter learned the word “screwed”? What context was she using this word? Was this line copied out of a book she’s reading? Should I be pre-reading the Wimpy Kid series before I hand them over to her?

And who was Puggles?:

The comments were nearly as entertaining as the note:

questionable note

questionable note2

And there you have it.

A toy doctor.



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    funniest thing ever. I’d have been scared too and would’ve probably turned into the Inquisition trying to figure it out :)

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      I had to be careful to ask very nonchalantly because I didn’t want to draw any attention to the fact the note could mean something very different!

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    As I was reading this I was thinking “Puggles? That rings a bell”

    I like her explanation much better though – because the Puggles I was thinking about is a fictional character on another blog I follow and he doesn’t seem to be a nice one.

    Gotta love those kiddos – their imaginations are vast and the perception of the world is so innocent and literal.

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    Nine times out of ten when kids say or do something that causes us to think they have grown up too fast, we find out that their language/behavior/inappropriate laughing is either a coincidence or pure innocence. And then they turn twelve.

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      Yes! I’ve learned I shouldn’t ever jump to conclusions with them because right now any kind of inappropriate language is usually unintentional. (12 is just around the corner though) ;)

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    Omg the reasoning is brilliant. I would have been very considered otherwise about who was screwing who and why someone was laying on someone’s lap!

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    Whew. I remember the first time I tried to use the word “balls” with my mom. As in that takes balls. Well, I knew enough that it meant courage somewhat but that’s about all I had figured out. I in no way connected to anatomy. Well, my mom’s reaction let me know that there was something more to this “balls” word than I surmised.