Episode 10: Bento Box Lunches

This week on Crafty Mom’s Weekly Challenge with The Stir I dove into the world of bento box lunches. It’s a pretty world of beautifully crafted pandas made from rice patties and seaweed and I wanted to see how difficult it would be to incorporate that creativity into my own boxed lunches.

I didn’t think the video was that hard on the bento boxed lunches, but the bento box makers of America got their feathers ruffled a bit. They didn’t want me to discourage other parents from trying these healthy lunches. I found those comments to be strange because I so did NOT discourage packing healthy lunches and also, who cares? What IF the video discouraged someone from trying boxed lunches…how would that affect other bento lunch makers at all?

That being said, it was really cool to see how many women were passionate about this topic, some even offered me tips to make it easier and some had really nice words of support for trying. I think it showed there’s really an awesome support system for people who want to get more involved with this and that one negative comment definitely is not representative of the overall community. Which is a good take away for any craft.


Head over to The Stir and watch my Bento Box lunch making skills in action!

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    I think it was an honest, realistic review! I, too, have dabbled in the Bento Boxes and some days I love them and some days they just feel like too much to get prepared. So, like everything, I say Bento Boxes in moderation! :)

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    I appreciate your honesty and it is exactly how I feel. I recently read an article about how moms are feeling more and more compelled to put on ubercrafty birthday parties for their kids with everything homemade from centerpieces to treats to favors. There is a lot of competition. Too much pressure for me. I enjoy doing some things from scratch and think you should choose what is fun and worth it for you to do. I know my daughter is not going to eat seaweed because it looks like a cute character and I don’t have the time in the morning either. But I think it’s great for those who enjoy doing it.

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    I got some of these bento style lunch boxes for my kids just today… and the healthy food options to go in them. My middle schooler, after eating 180 turkey sandwiches, bags of chips and little debbies last year, took a look at the offerings, and gave me a pretty aggressive eye roll. We’ll see how it goes.

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    I am with you who has time for that in the morning. I had a hard enough time remembering to use the pampered chef round sandwich cutter so my sons sandwiches were crustless. Cute concept though for elementary & preschool students.

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    “Moms are crazy….” Ha! Just stop there. Yes, we all are.

    No thanks to the bento boxes. HOWEVER…if you had a crafty kid who wanted to cut shapes out of cheese or meat slices with a cookie cutter to keep in the fridge for their lunches, they could just knock themselves out. Everything doesn’t have to be a SuperMom competition. I love that you don’t fall for that stuff over here. :-)