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    Our last cat, Harryboy, loved peeing on items of clothing, but he only would piss on my husband’s stuff! Made hubs furious but I thought it was hysterical!

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    I have SO been there…except mine is with cat pee, which is even worse. Thank GOD the cat got used to our new house and is now going in the litterbox once again! Your pictures were HILARIOUS, by the way. :)

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    I love how you illustrated this tale of woe, lol! I feel for you since I’ve been through it too. We love our pets like children but there are some days…..

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    That’s too funny! A similar situation happened to me once… It was math class in Junior High and we were all gagging at the smell of poop and joking about who the culprit was. I looked down, and the poop was coming from MY SHOE! I was horrified. I asked the teacher if I could be excused and ran to the bathroom to clean it off without admitting anything to my friends and classmates. I think they knew, though, because they all looked at me uncomfortably and didn’t say a word when I came back… Ugh, I wanted to die.

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    As someone who had a cat fixed too late and a dog who thinks she owns every pile of laundry she sees… I have been here too many times.
    Though right now I smell like baby pee.