Episode 23: Turkey Shaped Veggie Platter

I had to bust out my culinary skills again this week on Crafty Mom’s Weekly Challenge. When I saw that this turkey shaped veggie platter had been thousands of times on Pinterest I knew it just had to be mine. I had such a hard time taking it seriously though because I couldn’t stop thinking of the THOUSANDS of people who thought “YES! This will look amazing on our Thanksgiving table this year!!” I’m sure it’s probably intended for the kids table, but just imagining a new wife bringing such a platter to her husband’s very classy mother’s Thanksgiving table made me happy. I hope that’s really happening somewhere.

Take a look at my vegetable platter making process…it was almost too pretty to eat:

If you’re interested in prcrastinating on all that house renovating you should be doing, here are the previous 22 Pinterest inspired projects  I’ve attempted for the Stir.


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    That’s called being creative with your food! Sure to dress up many a table this Thanksgiving. Who comes up with this stuff? Great job!

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    You make me laugh! I think your commentary is required in order to make this platter a success. If you came and commentated on my family’s Thanksgiving, that would be even more fun!!

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    I call the googly eyes.

    You made me laugh with the comment about the new wife bringing this to her MILs fancy table. Yes. I hope that is happening, too.