Why I Can Never Die

I listened to my husband tell the kids a story about me from long ago and he got every last detail wrong.

I looked at him and was like, “see this is why I can never die…you don’t remember anything and they would live the rest of their life thinking that really happened. You just make stuff up!”

I feel bad for giving him a hard time, but he’ll probably forget about it by morning.


  1. Laura says

    Lol…what would they do without you!?
    Mine has a great memory but choose to embellish, most of the time at my expense!

  2. says

    Well this is your side of the story. I wonder what his is.
    I really like this post because my wife and I disagree about various stories of the kids or vacations. I suspect we both lose/replace details and this problem is common.

  3. says

    I’m the one who forgets the details. And makes up new and improved ones to make the story better. ::hangs head::

    Then again, if I die, my kids will be subject to a lot of boring memories.