Vlogging Workshop: 3 Holiday Cocktails

1.) Prepare a holiday drink.

Christmas and the New Year give us plenty of reason to celebrate every year and to celebrate properly we need tasty beverages. I looked for the easiest holiday inspired drinks on Pinterest that I could find and decided to attempt to execute 3 holiday cocktails in under three minutes. What I learned is that adding cranberries and rosemary to any drink automatically makes it a holiday drink AND that any drink that contains cranberry flavor is probably going to be a win in my book. I also learned that I do not know how to open Champagne bottles and I tasted my first ever whole cranberry. A lot going on in three minutes and I had the help from an adorable (non alcohol version) sidekick. Take a look!:

(video here)

I have to feature Jendi’s delicious chocolate cookies with Peanut Butter Cups because I could actually SMELL them from my computer. These would make the perfect addition to any wintery afternoon!:

(video here)

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Now it’s your turn!

vlogging workshop

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This Week’s Prompts:

1.) Prepare a holiday drink.
2.) Share what’s on your Christmas list.
3.) Sing a favorite holiday song.
4.) A holiday inspired makeup tutorial!
5.) Share one of your favorite holiday traditions.

Here is the vlogging prompt for the Wednesday 12/25 Link up:

1.) Obviously many of us are going to be busy celebrating Christmas on the 25th, but I’ll throw a linky up for fun anyway. The only prompt for this week will be to post on of your favorite videos from 2013. It can be anything!