Vlogging Workshop: Christmas Ornament Memories

Decorating the Christmas tree is a heartwarming experience because we often uncover ornaments that make us smile. It’s a treasure to dig up these beautiful pieces of memory that adorn our trees and I have a few special ones to share with you today. Watch the video below as I share an ornament that reminds me of those evening I spent dancing with my mother, an ornament that captures my status as a mother, and even an ornament that is the spitting image of my younger sister. All special:

(video here)

And I’m featuring Jenna from Call Her Happy because she created a wonderful tassel ornament that will give your old keepsakes a new fun life on your Christmas tree. Look how easy this is!:

(video here)

Be sure to check out Jenna’s YouTube channel and show her some love!

Now it’s your turn!

vlogging workshop

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This Week’s Prompts:

1.) It’s December! Decorate your Christmas tree and share your favorite or most memorable ornaments!
2.) Book or movie review! Share something you read or watched, would you recommend it to a friend?
3.) In what ways are you just like your mother?
4.) Bake Christmas cookies.
5.) Something you were teased about when you were you little.

Get a jump start on next week’s video! Here are the prompts next Wednesday’s Link up:

1.) Prepare a holiday drink.
2.) Share what’s on your Christmas list.
3.) Sing a favorite holiday song.
4.) A holiday inspired makeup tutorial!
5.) Share one of your favorite holiday traditions.