Christmas With My Husband

I had a feeling my husband and I were not really meant for gift giving the year I opened a framed piece of foiled art of clowns. I think it was from one of those stands in the middle of the mall that pop up during Christmas time. Across from it you would find pencil sketched images of TuPac and Martin Luther King Jr.

Pat watched me open it and was all, “it’s kind of like you and me!” and I was just like…how? And where would I put it? Of course I smiled and thanked him and found a shelf for it, but I realized in that moment, that gift purchasing just wasn’t something Pat was really into. He also said as much. On Mommalogues this week, I talked about why I’m okay celebrating Christmas with my husband sans gifts:

Do you do gifts with your significant other?

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    We don’t do gifts for each other. We usually get something for the house as a joint gift to us. Last year we got new couches. Year before a new TV and surrond sound system. Year before that a washer and dryer. This year we are cheap as we are making it official and getting married in May. So we are getting a new coffee pot for Christmas this year. I got a crazy deal on it.

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    My husband likes to pull the “I just want you for Christmas” crap. I hate it. I haven’t been able to get the man a Christmas present in 16 years. Every year we say we aren’t getting each other anything and then he spoils me. I suppose I shouldn’t complain, but I’d love to be able to get him a gift.