Vlogging Workshop: Fashion, Nails And Poppin Bubbly

November was filled with high fashion, nails and poppin bubbly! I attempted a Theo and Beau moment with my puppy that completely backfired, Kainoa participated in his first ever roller skating race, I found a cat in my fridge, and the kids were all around happy and beautiful. On video. Let’s not get confused with what’s happening when you’re not watching. Take a look at what I DID capture via Instagram in my November mini video compilation below!:

(video here)

Lois from You, Me And A Cup Of Tea shared a Thanksgiving outfit conundrum last week that was fun to watch. Too many options is always a good thing!:

Now it’s your turn!

vlogging workshop

  • Add your video answering one of this week’s prompts to the list below.
  • Remember to comment on and/or subscribe to at least three videos ahead of yours.
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The Prompts:

1.) Tell us about your favorite holiday tradition.
2.) Holiday travel plan tips.
3.) November haul! Share your favorite things from October.
4.) Instagram? Vine? Create a November mini video compilation highlighting your September!
5.) Show us how to make a fun Christmas ornament.

Choose one, create a video, and link up!

Get a jump start on next week’s video! Here are the prompts for next Wednesday’s Link up:

1.) It’s December! Decorate your Christmas tree and share your favorite or most memorable ornaments!
2.) Book or movie review! Share something you read or watched, would you recommend it to a friend?
3.) In what ways are you just like your mother?
4.) Bake Christmas cookies.
5.) Something you were teased about when you were you little.