Episode 26: DIY Holiday Card Holder

I use to randomly stick holiday cards in our Christmas tree because it was so bare, and looking at my friends and family stuffed into the branches of a Noble Fir felt like the right thing to do. But then my kids filled the tree with their homemade ornaments and now I have all of these wonderful holiday cards, but no real way to display them.

Although this year we got a holiday card from the fellow who delivers our milk. I stuck it in the tree for kicks and giggles and then completely forgot about it. A week later, Pat called me into the living room and was all, “was there something you wanted to tell me Kat??” Because seeing the milkman displayed on our Christmas tree was alarming to him for some reason. All those stories about housewives having affairs with milkmen didn’t help my cause.

For episode 26 of Crafty Mom’s Weekly Challege at The Stir I created a lovely holiday card holder that was supposed to be the answer to my holiday card conundrum…but was it? I have a feeling you could have made this cuter.

And by “you” I mean “anyone really”.

Take a look:

(video here)

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    That is a cute project but I’m partial to the “throw the cards in a basket on the table for everyone to rummage through when they visit” display, myself.

  2. says

    Oh, that is so cute! And the milkman story is perfection. Laughed out loud that it happened to be the milkman’s card! I didn’t realize there still were milkmen. I need to get me one of those; I’ll bet there is so much opportunity for blog fodder with a milkman!