Episode 24: Hot Cocoa Snowman Gift Idea

Last week for Crafty Mom’s Weekly Challenge I grabbed my kids and we put together a hot cocoa snowman gift idea that I had seen floating around Pinterest. I’ll admit I have a hard time coming up with gifts for teachers and also determining exactly how much to budget for them. I started a Pinterest board called Gifts For My Kids Teachers That I Will Never Actually Give because in reality, I almost always throw a Starbucks gift card in a mug and call it a day.

But these hot cocoa snowmen looked like something the kids might have fun with and maybe the teachers would appreciate something my darling children had their fingers all over? I don’t know. We tried and here’s what we came up with:

(video here)

If you happen to be snowed in and find yourself in need of further inspiration, feel free to catch up on my 23 other Pinterest inspired projects  I’ve attempted for the Stir!


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    Your craftiness is making me feel bad, those are really cute. I’m still planning on a gift card though I was going to do Barnes and Noble, perhaps I should switch to Starbucks and a mug…

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      Oh you would be crafty if someone were paying you to be. Write me a check and suddenly I’m the craftiest gal in town! ;) All teachers love books…I think that’s a prerequisite.

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        It’s definitely a prerequisite. And yes, if you paid me I would definitely be crafty. It might not go well, but I would attempt it!