Just Get A Coffee Pot

I sat in the van with the kids while Pat went into Starbucks to retrieve my Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I watched a woman escort a little old lady along the sidewalk and into the building. I assumed the darling pair was a mother/daughter duo and marveled to myself about how time changes us…that the same squirrely kids I keep OUT of Starbucks now might one day be holding my little old arm.


All those years later…still needing my coffee.

Me: When I’m an old lady with a cane, will you help me into Starbucks and hold my arm?

Maile: What? Why??

Me: Just like that little old lady and the woman walking slowly next to her? Would you do that for me?

Maile: Why don’t you just get a coffee pot and stay home?


On second thought, it looks like I’ll be staying home.




  1. says

    Ouch! OK, we need to look for the bright side here. At least she didn’t say they would serve coffee at your nursing home!