Long Lasting Holiday Traditions And A $500 Grand Prize

I have a box in a storage closet that I keep filled with batteries. I like to call it post traumatic battery collection disorder because I was the victim of a gift that required batteries one fateful Christmas morning and guess what? We had none. And guess what else? The grocery stores were closed.

christmas morning4

I can still remember the gift, it was a battery powered microphone. A MICROPHONE! This was before karaoke was common and I had never in my life had the luxury of belting my favorite Olivia Newton John tunes through a microphone before. My very own microphone!

Except…we didn’t have batteries.

The only thing worse than counting down the days until Christmas and waiting up all night for Santa is probably opening a gift you longed for only to find you weren’t actually going to be able to play with it. Okay worse than that might be not having a Christmas at all, but for me at the time it was very sad.

How I would have loved for that pink Energizer bunny to come scooting through our home that day with a basket of Energizer Max batteries.

christmas morning

Oh my parents hunted for batteries. Maybe we can remove the batteries from the remote control? Wrong size. Maybe we could borrow the batteries from your sister’s Baby Crawls A Lot…not over her dead body. We were left battery less. I made the most of the day. We opened other presents and our extended family came over for Christmas dinner. But I still feel like Christmas dinner would have tasted a lot better with some background vocals provided by yours truly on the microphone I didn’t have batteries for.

THIS is why we are always stocked. Not only are we always stocked, but it is not uncommon to find me opening packages to install batteries before I carefully slip them back into their packages for wrapping. My kids will not want for batteries on Christmas morning. Or ever.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Energizer. The opinions and text are all mine.


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    Ugh. Nothing worse than seeing a kid open a present, wanting to play it, and being disappointed cuz it needed some damn batteries! We have a sterilite box of batteries in the closet too. But I don’t put the batteries on before wrapping. Sometimes, those toys are so tricky to take off the carton – let alone put it back exactly the same way without ending up with a bulky box! No? Never happened to you? Um…me neither.

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    My son is obsessed with batteries. As soon as a toy is out of power, it’s like Christmas morning — we get to change the batteries! I think he likes changing batteries more than playing with the toy. So we’re never without them, either!