Why My Mom Ignored Me

Laina asked me what would happen if she opened the door and a man just showed up and kissed her.

I remember driving my Mom crazy with my own “what if” questions. I never understood why she didn’t just indulge my imagination with a conversation about whatever it was I was dreaming up. Usually she ignored me.

“Well Laina, I’d call the police! Men can’t just show up at someone’s door and kiss whoever answers it! That’s gross. And illegal. I’d probably punch him in the face. He deserves to go to jail for such a thing! Yes, I’d definitely call the police.”

And then she was all, “yeah but what if it was Dad and he was in a rush because he was late for work….”

And I just stopped and looked at her like

a.) Is that really a question?


b.) Did I even have a fair shot at answering this question correctly or was she going to flip it around like that regardless of the answer?

“I suppose if it was your Dad…and he was in rush…that would probably be okay Laina.”

She smiled, happy with that answer.

And now I know why my Mom ignored me.


  1. says

    Sometimes I wish we could remember why those little “situations” would pop up in our heads! It would make being a mom so much easier!

  2. says

    Some of the things my daughter and son say and ask blow my mind! I don’t think I ever was the much of a “thinker” when I was their age. It makes it hard to answer them or carry on a conversation.

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    As my kids get older they know to ask more and more disturbing questions like this one, just to see my reaction. Kids are wily beasts that way.