Ski Resort Or Tropical Getaway?

Yesterday we had our first snow fall of the the season and the white stuff stuck around for about 4 hours. Naturally, two inches of snow caused a 2 hour school delay or cancelled classes altogether. We were in the 2 hour late delay zone. I was really excited to see we would be getting more snow next week until I realized I was looking at the Minneapolis weather chart. Don’t act like you don’t also track weather in your friends states.

When I flipped back to Seattle…rain. No more snow for us for awhile, but it feels COLD enough for it!

This week on Mommalogues we were asked to share where we would prefer a winter getaway…ski resort of tropical getaway? My answer will stun and astound you, but once you hear my explanation I have a feeling you will join me at the slopes…right?:

(video here)

Was I right? You joining me?

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