Writer’s Workshop: Twins Are More Terrifyinger

2.) Capture a conversation shared between kids.

One of my favorite things about running a home daycare is just listening to kids talk to each other. Or to me. Or to themselves. I have one kid in my daycare who really deserves his own Twitter account the way he rambles on about taking me ice skating with his mom, reporting me to the dog watching people if I’m not gentle with my puppy, and then taking away the ice skating invite when I ask him not to run ahead on our walk to the park.

Sometimes I wish I’d think to turn on a recorder and capture the very grown up conversations these kids have with each other. They’re very confident and matter of fact when they don’t have adults correcting them or intervening.

At the bus stop the other day I listened to them talk about twins…and how twins are even more terrifyinger than the idea of just one baby…which is terrifying in and of itself:

Girl: I’m so excited to have a new baby brother or sister!

Boy: Oh man! You know a brother or sister is going to be SO annoying right? That’s why I’m glad I don’t have one!

Girl: Yeah, they’re going to take all my things!

Another Girl: Which do you want? A baby brother or a baby sister?

Girl: I don’t know, I want both!

Boy: OH! Two babies are twins! They’ll take everything!!!!

Girl: I know. My Mom doesn’t like twins.

(Her mother is an elementary school teacher by the way, I’m confident she doesn’t hate twins.)

Boy: The only way you can tell twins apart is with a NECKLACE!

Girl: And you CAN’T put twins in the same room!

Another Girl: You can put twins in the same room, you just put them in different beds.

Girl: No they would always talk!

Boy: My Mom knows someone who knows a twin.

Girl: I have a twin bed.

Another Girl: You could be a good teacher to a baby.

Girl: I hope she has two.

Boy: Oh! That would be even more terrifyinger!

And even though listening to kids talk about twins was entertaining to me because of the childlike, random way they talk…they really couldn’t be more spot on.

Twins definitely are even more terrifyinger than one baby.

Now it’s your turn!

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The Prompts:

1.) Something you love about December.
2.) Capture a conversation shared between kids.
3.) A favorite Christmas ornament.
4.) Christmas Must Haves (could even be a list created by a child)
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  1. says

    Sometimes I miss being a pre-school teacher! Sometimes…

    Anyway, somehow I got ahold of the wrong prompt, but I wrote and linked anyway. Please forgive me. Hopefully I’ll get the laundry done today and I can count it as “something I’ve tackled this week!”

  2. says

    The conversations that kids have sometimes are rather interesting for sure. I have to agree… twins are terrifyinger! Dealing with one baby can be a challenge and any more than that would be a nightmare.

  3. says

    LOL! I love the things kids say! When I was growing up I was so mad at my parents that I wasn’t a twin, so I would make my sister dress like me. Ha! (I was so weird! lol) But as a parent–whew! Hats off to the mamas of twins!!!!

  4. says

    What a hoot! And what a gift to listen to those children express themselves every day! {my daughter is the nanny of three…and she always has fun quotes/stories} I’m sure the work is exhausting at times…but I’m guessing lots of blessings come your way too!

  5. says

    I love listening to the conversations kids have. Twins would be terrifyinger. The doctor thought my last baby could be twins at first. That would have made 4 babies in under the age of 3.5. Terrifyinger.

    I listened to the kids in my oldest’s third grade discuss why Santa is/is not real the other day. It was hilarious. I really should have recorded them.