Vlogging Workshop: Dum Dum Topiary

5.) Try something you saw on Pinterest and tell us if it was a win or a fail!

The Dum Dum topiary craft I’ve seen pinned and redone a million ways on Pinterest has been calling my name for a long time and with Valentine’s Day around the corner this was the perfect chance to attempt it. I even managed to include the “ipod shuffle” prompt within the same video so…color me talented. I will say, however, this seemingly fool proof craft did not turn out quite as I expected. In fact, it turned out BETTER. Take a look:

(video here)

And don’t miss Naila Moon’s twist on the New Year’s resolution. I love the goals she’s set up for herself!:

(video here)

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Now it’s your turn!

Today’s prompts are:

1.) Pick up your Ipod or phone or whatever stores your music and press shuffle…what comes up first? Tell us about that song choice.
2.) How does Winter Break change your routine?
3.) New Years Tag (questions here).
4.) Dollar Store Haul
5.) Try something you saw on Pinterest and tell us if it was a win or a fail!

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Get a jump start on next week’s video! Here are the prompts next Wednesday’s Link up:

1.) Snow day! Show us some white stuff!
2.) If you could have a role on a TV show, which show would you choose?
3.) Books, song, toy, recipe…review something, ANYTHING!
4.) Advice for the new mom.
5.) Tell us about something a parent did that upset you when you were a child…are you over it?


  1. says

    Wow, that took an unexpected turn….for, mmmmmm…the better! Some people would have headed to the store for three more bags of Dum Dums, but let’s be honest. Who would be the real Dum Dum then?!

  2. Naila Moon says

    As it seems I might have jumped the gun on the New Years resolution thing, I think I am good this week.
    I did do a video on making more ‘art’ for my white walls if you want to check that out.
    This stupid New Year cold has had me down for days. ugh!

    I did get around to say hey to everyone though. See ya later and thanks for the spotlight. :)
    Naila Moon