Episode 29: Snowflake Nail Art

I failed.

I should have known better than to attempt snowflake nail art. I can’t even draw a snowflake on regular paper, let alone on a FINGERNAIL. But still…I thought if I used the correct tools and dipped my brush into the polish eversogently and followed the direction exactly, maybe I could succeed? Maybe I could succeed enough so that if I wave my hands quickly you could see I had festive nails, but couldn’t see any of the tiny imperfection. You know, like with the patriotic nail art I tried back in July!

Well that wasn’t the case. I could not succeed at snowflake nail art. Not even a little bit. Not even if I wave my hands quickly in front of your face.

To be fair, I didn’t exactly HAVE the correct tools on hand. I used the thinnest paintbrush I could find in my daughter’s art kit and while I’m not positive that had anything to do with my fail, I have a hunch it contributed to my downfall. The fact that I can’t even draw a snowflake on regular paper also contributed.


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  1. says

    Okay, so not bad really. The color was nice. I can see the brush was too big, right? Less is more and all. Maybe not a total fail? I’m inspired to do this when I visit my nail tech next week so thanks for the idea!

  2. says

    That’s pretty much how mine would turn out too. I have ZERO artistic talent! I wonder if it would have been better if you had used a toothpick instead of the brush…..