Episode 31: Jolly Rancher Lollipops

I have a major sweet tooth. It runs in the family.

I would be willing to bet right now that each of my sisters has a bag of Skittles in their purses at this very moment. Maybe Starbursts. Sugared orange slices? Well, something!

Naturally, I was thrilled that this week’s episode for The Stir involved melting jolly ranchers into suckers. Remember when they used to be long sticks instead of small cubes? Remember when they used to make a pink lemonade flavored one? Now they have a blue raspberry flavor that instantly turns your entire mouth bright blue and so I can never choose it.

You don’t really see adults walking around with colorful mouths like kids do. Can you imagine seeing a mom with a bright blue mouth in the school pick up line and just thinking nothing of it?

The fact that we DON’T see that happening just goes to show all adults are skipping the blue raspberry Jolly Ranchers and probably we should just bring pink lemonade back.

Or am I the only adult still eating Jolly Ranchers?

I ask that knowing full well my sisters have them stashed in their purses right now. But probably not blue.

Now watch how they turn out when you melt them! Jolly Rancher lollipops for the win!:

(video here)

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  1. says

    I loved the long sticks! And I hate blue mouths, so I avoid that flavor too. Green Apple is my favorite, so my kids automatically hand me all the green ones.

  2. Tara says

    I love jolly ranchers and spent many a time sitting in the highschool caferteria with those long stick ones. My favorite is watermelon! Someone in the office had a bunch of jolly rancher suckers left over from Halloween and I am pretty sure there was a pink lemonade one in there.

  3. says


    Yes. I am doing this.

    (I have been that mom. The one with the blue mouth. There might have been staring from some totally snooty [and boring] other moms.)