Girls Night Out!

I love hanging out with girlfriends. I might even go so far as to say I appreciate them more now that I have a husband and kids than I did before I settled down. Girls just get each other…and if you’re lucky enough to have friends that have been around for awhile then you know how effortless it can feel to hang out and catch up.

For Mommalogues on SheKnows this week I was asked to describe my ideal girls night out and I had a little trouble¬† narrowing it down, because my girls are fun no matter what we do…although some make me a little more sick the following day than others:

(video here)

Other brilliant topics we covered this week:

How important is it to teach kids a second language?
(Hint, not at all)
The last meal you cooked from scratch.
Do you go to your high school reunions? (hint, they don’t invite me)


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    agreed. I have a friend that i like to go to concerts, festivals, and games with. Then I have another friend that likes to go to museums, book clubs, diner, and the like. I think we all need a balance of both sets of girlfriends. Except for the being sick the next morning thing. Ain’t nobody got time for that! ;)

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    I don’t drink at all so I think I’m a “girls night in” kinda person. I do stay up really late on a regular basis, my average “early” bedtime is between 12:30-1:30am. I don’t have any friends, so it’s just me and my pretend friends on the computer. They can drink and I can wear pajamas! :)

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    It depends on my mood. I’m usually really happy to stay in with a few friends and a bottle of wine. We get way more obnoxious than we do in public. But then there is Karaoke…

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    I like both kinds of nights – out or in. But I will have to say that the last couple of nights in have found me catching some zzzzs in the middle of conversations, which can be embarrassing.

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    I used to LOVE going out in a big group. Now, it doesn’t bother me if I go months without being out past dark. Mostly because of where I am (middle of nowhere) and also because there are 4 small people I would have to answer to in the morning. If I were to go out this weekend, it would literally be too much work. Plus, I’d have to shut off the “Mom” side of my brain for a few hours to be able to enjoy and be enjoyable. HA! I think I’d rather stay in.