Episode 30: Pom Pom Wreath

Here’s the truth for you…I’ve never in my life stuck a wreath on my front door until I started doing these Pinterest inspired projects for The Stir. My front door has seen THREE wreaths this year and every time I pull into my driveway and see them hanging they make  me happy. Everyone should have a wreath hanging from the door. It’s the only thing I firmly believe in.

This month I made a pom pom wreath to prepare for Valentine’s Day and you might see the wreath and think it would look better on a child’s bedroom door than on a grown woman’s front door, but you know what? You’re probably right. And I don’t care. It still makes me smile.

Take a look:

(video here)

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  1. says

    I have a whole pinterest board devoted to wreaths but I’ve never done one… But now, I think I’ll make it more of a priority.. Cause who can use another reason to smile!