My Workout Playlist

I don’t workout. The other day I sprinted to get a ball for one of the kids and when I brought it back I was all, “gosh I just ran FAST! That felt good!” It reminded me of the days in my life when I actually did raise my heart rate doing something other than yelling at children who ruin expensive makeup.

It does feel good!

But I’ll probably never do it again, because effort.

This week for Mommalogues at SheKnows I was asked to share what songs you might find on my workout playlist. Since obviously I don’t have a “workout playlist” exactly, I did share some of the songs that really get me moving and if I did by chance decide to spring after a ball again, you can bet these would fuel me:

(video here)

Other topics I covered on Mommalogues this week include:

How do you teach your kids about cultural diversity?
What’s a typical breakfast like in your household?
How did you choose your kids names?

What’s on your workout playlist?