Vlogging Workshop: Advice For The Single Gal

2.) Advice for the single gal on Valentine’s Day.

I’m married now, but one time I was single. I know what it’s like to feel lonely and rejected while watching Golden Girl reruns with your mother. Now that I’m married I think it’s important to share this advice for the single gal on Valentine’s Day.

(video here)

This week I’m featuring Tracy from Sellabit Mum who shared a trend she misses from her high school days that I think she has mastered a little too well. Let’s bring the 80’s back!:

(video here)

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It’s your turn!

Today’s prompts are:

1.) Valentine inspired craft or recipe!
2.) Advice for the single gal on Valentine’s Day.
3.) A memorable Valentine’s Day!
4.) What will your kids be handing out?
5.) Other than your significant other or kids…who would you like to give a Valentine to?

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    2.) Song you’re currently loving.
    3.) Review something…anything.
    4.) Try something you saw on Pinterest!
    5.) YouTube Interview Tag as seen on The Mom Of Six Boys (questions below)


  1. says

    I enjoyed both videos here. I spent many lonely Valentine’s Days, didn’t even like exchanging those Valentine cards as a kid because it was just added stress of wondering if I would get any back (I did). Once Gerard came into my life, I never had a lonely Valentine’s Day since! Oh, and I do enjoy chocolates! I think you should go ahead and let your kids have some sugar on special occasions such as Valentine’s day.

    The hair video was funny. I am proud to say I never, ever wore the crazy hairdos of the 60s-70s. Nope, I was such a rebel (individual).

  2. says

    Oh, for Golden Girls marathons you really should be eating cheesecake! Another good show for lonely nights: Mama’s Family.

    LOVE Tracy’s video! :)

    So, I had about 3 different vlogs planned for last week’s prompts but then my kids were like, “We hate you. We’re going to have fevers.” and then my husband was like, “I hate you too, I’m going to go to work on 2 of my days off and stay late 2 more days.” and I was like…”No vlogs for me” :(

  3. says

    HA HA HA-sitting in the closet making a YouTUbe video while your kid naps=priceless!

    I am going to make a vid in the closet one of these days!
    ANyway, I remember all too well hating V-day. I still celebrate Anti-Vday just for those single people out there!

    Loved this! :)